How to Meet Critical Deadlines with Less Stress

With SmartAdvocate you can sleep better at night

Most attorneys have, at one time or another, awoken late at night in a cold sweat thinking “Have I missed that critical SOL deadline???” At SmartAdvocate, we understand the immense pressure that attorneys face when it comes to meeting critical deadlines. That is why our system is designed to ensure that you never miss one…ever. Lawyers whose firms use SmartAdvocate can rest easy, without being disturbed by late-night anxieties.

SmartAdvocate has built-in features to ensure that every stage of every case is handled in an appropriate and consistent way. In fact, using technology to your advantage is the norm these days and automation is a necessary foundation for any firm in order to stay competitive. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a case management system that made each facet of your firm fit seamlessly together?

Unlike most software, where you must manually check for deadlines, SmartAdvocate helps you create reports and have them (in this case, an SOL report) emailed to you – or anyone else you choose, on a pre-determined day and time. For example, you could have a report of all your cases with an SOL expiring in 90 days automatically emailed to you every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. Our software has countless pre-formatted reports already built in and gives you the ability to filter for specific data with astounding granularity.

SmartAdvocate was originally developed for the PI, Medical Malpractice, and Mass Tort areas and has expanded to include a wide range of practice areas. Layout and data capture are perfectly aligned with the requirements of your practice. As a result, reporting functionality is remarkably flexible and useful. In just a few clicks, any staff member can quickly create and access a report of Overdue Tasks, highlighting clients who have not been contacted within the time limits set by the firm. How about being able to run a report of cases that have stayed too long in a particular status (i.e., it has been more than 30 days since the case was approved to be placed in suit, but the Summons and Complaint have not been drafted) – Yes, we can do that too!

In addition to the numerous daily reports that the general staff have at their disposal, management will love the reporting functionality of SmartAdvocate. For example, the senior partner wants a report of the hourly call patterns received by the Intake department? They can have it in just a matter of seconds. Want to analyze Monthly Intake Statistics organized by Case Group, with the exact number of cases wanted, signed, wanted and signed, actively following up, and percentage signed up? Not a problem. SmartAdvocate empowers you to access these with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency with SmartAdvocate—your path to meeting critical deadlines with confidence!