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Our all-in-one system is loaded with features, capabilities, and reporting that other case management software systems don’t have. Join some of the top Law Firms using SmartAdvocate to make their firms more efficient and more profitable.

Law Firm Case Management Software

What is SmartAdvocate Legal Management Software?

SmartAdvocate is a powerful, integrated case management system designed for personal injury lawyers, mass tort litigation firms, and other types of litigation law practices. This dynamic software is cloud or server based and designed to help you serve clients more effectively and efficiently.


Automate Your Firm

One of the primary benefits of SmartAdvocate's legal case management system is automating your law firm's processes. Exclusive features such as WorkPlans and Automated Procedures ensure that each stage of every case is handled in an appropriate and consistent way. Reminders can be set for important dates.


Cloud & Server Based

Award-winning SmartAdvocate is the most powerful and full-featured case management law firm software available and does not require your own server. SmartAdvocate Cloud is a web-based case management solution that provides the ease and affordability of the cloud, along with depth and sophistication, making SmartAdvocate the best option.


Document Management

Easily create templates from the documents (Word, PDF, and Excel) your law firm already uses with SmartAdvocate integrations. SmartAdvocate's Document Specialists can also create templates from your existing documents and forms. Thousands of merge codes allow virtually all information within SmartAdvocate to integrate into your documents.


Dashboards & Reports

Dozens of dashboards and reports for Legal Management help you track critical case information, (SOLs, medical records requests, etc.) plus vital firm financial and operational details (including advertising campaigns, outstanding fees, calendar reports, etc.). Set these reports to be automatically emailed to you, so you never have to remember to run them again.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Grossman Green

Abigale Rhodes Green

Attorney, Grossman Green PLLC - Kentucky and Indiana

"Our firm started using SA this year and it’s been a game-changer. I sleep better at night and our team is coordinating and collaborating better than ever. If you’re shopping around for a case management software, this is a great option."


Tyson Navarre

1-800-LAW-FIRM - Southfield, MI

"Tons of features, simple setup, great support. When we have questions they are always answered swiftly and professionally."

Finz & Finz, P.C.

Stuart L. Finz

Finz & Finz, P.C. - New York City

"When you bare the enormous responsibility of managing a dynamic law firm, it is essential that you employ the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art, efficient, creative, and intuitive case management software on the market. For decades, I have searched for the highest-level software available, but have found significant negative aspects with each"...

Cochran Firm

Jeffrey A. Mitchell

Managing Partner, The Cochran Firm - New Orleans

“It is so nice to have a company hear and address our needs.  As attorney’s in the trenches with us, you understand how technology can make our lives so much easier. Thank you Smart Advocate. It just keeps getting better and better! Looking forward to the next release.”

Damon Pendleton

Damon Pendleton

Managing Partner, Christina Pendleton & Associates - Richmond, VA

"The robust reporting functions and the dashboards that are built into this software are valuable tools that are worth the price of admission. Without a way to systematically pull all of this information electronically, it would take a lot of people hours and you would constantly be behind the 8-ball trying to compile it. With SmartAdvocate all the information is right there at your fingertips. All you have to do is ask for it.”

Collins Law

Stephen T. Collins

Attorney, Collins Law - Shreveport, LA

"Support, support, support. You can actually get a person on the phone to assist and not have to use a chat box that takes 10 minutes for a response. They will also use email but with a quick response."

Malman Law

Steve Malman

President, Malman Law - Chicago

"SmartAdvocate has all of the tools necessary to successfully operate a personal injury law firm with incredible efficiency. The ability to text and esign right from within the program is a game-changer in terms of client satisfaction. Ordering medical records is simplified to a few clicks and tracking those requests is totally transparent. A huge benefit of SmartAdvocate is that they are not new to the space which gives them a huge advantage over their competitors because they know what makes a PI firm tick."


Michael P. McCready

McCready, Garcia and Leet, P.C. - Chicago

"You guys are the best. I can’t begin to tell you how terrific your program is. I love to show my colleagues how I now manage my cases. Unbelievable. I am working with a law office consultant who has been blown away by the functionality of the program. She is recommending it to all her law firm clients. I am loving SmartAdvocate and I have customized it substantially to suit our needs. Great work. I’ve recommended it to several colleagues. A product I can believe in. Thanks again."


Bradley Dworkin, Esq.

Owner of The Law Offices of Dworkin and Maciariello - Chicago

"I am very happy how your company addresses my firm’s needs. As I tell everyone [my old case management system] was a Toyota Camry. SmartAdvocate is a Ferrari!"

The Perfect Choice for Legal Case Management Software

SmartAdvocate is the best option on the market for personal injury attorney software. You'll be able to manage clients' cases through every step of the relationship with your firm using our litigation case management system. SmartAdvocate’s Statuses and Sub-Statuses feature allow users to view the progress of every file in their caseload, from pre-signing to pre-litigation, discovery, trial, and post-trial. Combine this with the powerful Intake Case Wizard and you have the best case management system for personal injury lawyers.

Technology That Increases Profitability

Loaded with features, capabilities and reports that other case management software systems do not have, SmartAdvocate® is litigation case management software on steroids. SmartAdvocate® legal management software can reduce workflow, make employees more efficient and give you better control over your practice. Increased efficiency and improved productivity means greater profitability.

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    iPhone/iPad and Android apps

    Our iPhone and Android apps provide on-the-go access to your case information on your phone or tablet from virtually anywhere. Send a text or email, view a document, view the calendar and add appointments, and much more, all from within the app.

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    Extensive Office Calendaring

    Easily maintain and view the full calendar for a specific case, the entire office, any group, or a single individual. SOLs, Critical Deadlines, and Appointments are pushed to your staffs Outlook® calendars. A true Office Calendar!

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    Client Portal

    Provide clients instant access to their case information, including documents, case calendar, notes, and more, freeing up staff time for other responsibilities. The firm maintains complete control over what the client can see on the Portal.

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    Document Templates

    Conveniently create templates from your existing documents and forms, which are then available for use in all of your cases. Or our document specialists will create them for you. Documents will automatically be filled in with information in the case.

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