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Elevate your career - exciting opportunities await! Joining the staff at SmartAdvocate is not just a career move; it's the right choice for those seeking a dynamic and innovative environment in the forefront of legal case management.

Business Development Specialist

We are a young, dynamic legal case management software company. We're currently seeking a seasoned Sales / Business Development Specialist to join our team! We need someone with a legal background and strong sales and business development skills to become part of our growing team. Major areas of responsibility include identification, generation, nurturing and development of sales leads, ultimately leading to consummated sales. You will also be responsible for demonstrating the product, assisting clients in the installation and implementation process, and providing general product support and problem solving. At least five years within the legal industry, including sales or law firm litigation experience (either as an attorney or paralegal) and strong computer skills are essential. Experience selling or using legal case management software is a big plus.

Senior Database Administrator

Duties and Experience Required Include:
  • Technical reviewing of the customer’s current database. Migration of current database from different sources like Oracle, Sybase, Access, Excel, CSV, MYSQL to
    SmartAdvocate SQL server-based database.
  • Management of multiple database servers in a robust environment.
  • Product Installation and system configuration on client-server and custom development if required.
  • Coding, Unit Testing & Deployment.
  • Restructuring and redesigning the architecture of the database
  • Deployment of the database in the production environment.
  • Integration of Quick Books to SQL Server Database using SSIS and scheduling the tasks using SQL Server agent.
  • Administering and maintaining all the existing SQL Servers across Enterprise.
  • Create, implement, deploy and maintain a reporting suite of standard reports while developing custom reports to meet customer’s requirements.
  • Solid understanding of both Web Technologies and Desktop applications
  • Good Architecture skills and well awareness of best design practices and software architectures
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for ensuring the security and integrity of the company database.
  • Providing technical solutions and recommendations for database system configuration problems.
  • Responsible for tuning data, indexes, and queries as well as providing assistance on these areas to development teams.
  • Troubleshoot SQL Server performance issues for internal and external customers.
  • Develop Log Shipping plans, disaster recovery plans, and SQL Server Maintenance Plans.
  • Perform debugging and Analytical skills to identify resolve the problem.
  • Collaborate with support, business, and various technical teams
  • Strong knowledge in Applications and their connected applications
  • Capable of providing alternate solutions to avoid business process interruptions without compromising compliance.
  • Monitor server performance using SQL Profiler and Database tuning Advisor and identify the performance issues.
  • Generate traces, execution plans, and deadlocks/contention and resolve them.
  • Supervise SSIS packages of the development team and advise developers regarding code optimization.
  • Minimize the backup time, restore-time, disk I/O and storage required for backups with backup compression.
  • Perform backups as required.
  • Create login, groups, users, roles.
  • Conduct a feasibility study of every new database requirement.
  • Software Governance: Code Reviews, Code Quality Analytics, Documentation Inspections, Software Factory Management, Code Check-ins, Change Management & Deployments.
  • Quality Deliverables.
  • Perform Auto Deployments.
  • Compliant to Change Processes.
  • Bachelor Degree is required or Master Degree is preferred in Computer Science or Environmental Technology or Software Engineering