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We've developed some videos of our most requested SmartAdvocate features for you to enjoy. Take a look around and click on what interests you. We hope that by viewing these, they will make you want to learn more about our award-winning legal case management software.

Key Features

SmartAdvocate houses powerful functionality designed to increase your firm’s efficiency and profitability.

customizable, fully integrated legal case management software

SmartAdvocate And Our Team Continue To Outperform All Expectations

The concept for SmartAdvocate was first created by a national plaintiff’s personal injury law firm. In their search for a software product to help resolve many of their specific case management challenges, they realized there were none on the market.

Comprehensive and Reliable

As a truly customizable, fully integrated legal case management software, SmartAdvocate is as comprehensive as it is reliable. It provides you with valuable information about every aspect of every case you have. With SmartAdvocate, your firm can:

Unite clients and attorneys through the powerful Client Portal
Save precious time through robust Mass Communication capabilities
Increase overall efficiency and accuracy through customizable Automated Procedures & WorkPlans
Seamlessly work together, no matter where staff is located, with SmartAdvocate’s browser-based interface and Mobile App
Personalize overall operations through 150+ Integration Partnerships, including Outlook, Microsoft Word, and multiple services for litigation support, e-signature, texting, medical record retrievals, and more

A Smarter Way To Manage Your Cases and Your Firm

With dozens of customizable dashboards and reports that you can subscribe to and automate a delivery schedule for, you’ll be able to monitor all aspects of a case and operational details.When you sign on with SmartAdvocate, not only do you gain access to a robust, state-of-the-art legal case management system, you gain a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to help you implement, train, and grow your practice, which will contribute to an increase in your firm’s bottom line.Our unique beginning is what sets us apart from every other option on the market. We look forward to working with your firm to see how SmartAdvocate can be customized to your specific needs.

Process Automation
Exclusive features ensure each stage of every case is handled appropriately.
Server or Cloud
Choose what works best for your firm. Either the ease and affordability of the Cloud, or integrating SmartAdvocate with your own server. Our team is ready and available to help with either choice.
Dashboards & Reports
Track critical case information, (SOLs, medical records requests, etc.) plus vital firm financial and operational details (including advertising campaigns, outstanding fees, calendar reports, etc.).
Document Creation
Create your own templates or our Specialists can build them from your existing forms.