Keep a Handle on Your Firm’s Client Contact Frequencies

How can I see which of our clients have not been contacted or have not been contacted within ‘X’ days?

We can all agree that contacting your clients regularly is critical in keeping them happy, and a must to foster goodwill for your firm. We all hate to get that phone call (or a visit) from an irate client who complains that nobody calls them back and they don’t know what’s going on with their case. So, how do you ensure no one slips through the cracks?  To assure efficiency, your case management system must have features to help you keep a handle on your client contact frequencies. For full oversight, management should be able to generate a report to monitor that all procedures and protocols for client contact are being followed.

Client Contact Overdue Dashboard and Reports: Easily monitor client contact

With SmartAdvocate, you never have to worry about a client slipping through the cracks.  In the Client Contact Overdue Dashboard, you will be able to see if whether the last contact with a particular client is beyond the range previously specified by your firm. It also has a Client Contact Overdue Report, which allows the firm to see (with just a few clicks) which cases or clients have not been contacted within the time frame designated by the firm. Furthermore, you can set SmartAdvocate to pull that report for you – automatically generating and emailing it to specific firm personnel on a schedule that you select!

The client Contact Overdue Dashboard in SmartAdvocate displays useful information for you to easily access, such as current status, contact information for the client, the last note entered, number of days client contact is overdue, and staff assigned to the case.  This dashboard will also allow for the user to directly enter specific information (a note, send an email, send a text message, create a document, add a task, etc.) directly from the dashboard without having to open the case file.

The Client Portal: Update clients without direct communication

Oftentimes, a client may be calling to check in on the status of their case.  To save you and your staff the minutes spent on calls such as these, SmartAdvocate offers its Client Portal.  Your client will be able to log in to a portal where they can exclusively view any updates from you.  The portal also allows them to upload any information for you to easily obtain.  Everything accessible to the client on the portal is under your control – allowing you to decide what clients can and cannot see.

With exclusive features such as Client Contact Overdue Dashboard and Reports, plus the Client Portal, SmartAdvocate increases the efficiency of previously tedious tasks.  With time saved, and heightened organization over client communications, SmartAdvocate helps you manage your firm and your practice that much easier.

SmartAdvocate is the most powerful, fully integrated case and document management system available. Initially designed by and for personal injury and mass tort litigation firms, SmartAdvocate is now used by a wide range of litigation firms throughout the United States and Canada. If you have any questions, or for additional information, please contact us as 877-GET-SMART (877-438-7627).