Igor Selizhuk, SmartAdvocate® Chief Technology Officer, Interviewed on Legal Mastermind Podcast About Finding The Right Case Management System For Your Firm

July, 2022 – The Legal Mastermind Podcast cohosts Ryan Klein & Chase Williams sat down with Igor Selizhuk, SmartAdvocate Chief Technology Officer, to discuss the benefits of using a legal case management system, and how to find the right system for your firm.

The podcast is a weekly show that focuses on learning from experts in the legal community about effective ways to grow and manage your law firm. It was a perfect venue for Igor to talk about SmartAdvocate, a legal case management system made to handle the challenges of today’s fast paced, highly competitive and technologically demanding world. Initially designed by and for, personal injury and mass tort litigation firms, it is now used by a wide range of practices. SmartAdvocate’s robust, exclusive Internet-based features, enable firms to manage, store, track and communicate like never before, ensuring that they achieve the highest level of success.

When asked why SmartAdvocate is so useful to firms, Igor spoke about the benefits of automated document assembly and templates, how they save time and eliminate potential mistakes. Igor also mentioned the unique barcoding feature that other systems may not currently have. With SmartAdvocate, documents can have a barcode assigned when they are generated, or it can be added to incoming or outgoing mail. Documents can be scanned and automatically filed into the right case, thereby getting profiled correctly, with the right category/subcategory, and the right people getting notified, which saves a tremendous amount of time and avoids mistakes. The barcoding feature also allows scanning of multiple documents at the same time.

Chase Williams questioned Igor about SmartAdvocate’s well-known annual new release, and Igor stressed that his team takes feedback from their clients very seriously, saying that SmartAdvocate has remained dedicated to using client testimonials, reviews, and requests as their main guide in software developments. Regarding trends that seem to be popular, Igor replied, “There are two broad directions: Client communications/satisfaction and Automation, like making things happen without human interaction.” He gave an example of a request which involved both trends, and it has evolved into one of their most popular new release features. A request came through, asking “What can we do to keep the client engaged? Can we make sure that we talk to a client every 30 days?” Fast-forward to the new annual release and now, SmartAdvocate has a dashboard and a report which pulls cases whereby a firm has not communicated with a client for a predefined period of time!”

Compared to other case management systems, Igor noted that SmartAdvocate has the ability to generate and schedule automatic reports, like for a statute of limitations report that can be based on the case type and the incident date – so you can configure it, with no manual calculation necessary. There’s no need to remember to check a date every day, week or month, with scheduled reporting you’ll receive email reminders for all upcoming SOL’s.

There’s lots more examples of the benefits of using a legal case management system, and how to find the right system for your firm in the podcast link here.

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