Legal Tech Unleashed: Essential Tools For Modern Practice

Today virtually every law firm relies on some form of legal technology, and there are many different applications that are useful for attorneys. The difficult question is: Which of these tools can help your firm become more efficient?

The most critical application that is essential for every law firm is a Case Management System, one that brings together the features that you need to run your firm. The best such programs should incorporate or integrate with at least the following critical features:

Document Management

Documents are what lawyers do every day. With document management, you can automate document assembly with merge codes and quickly create necessary forms and submissions. When combined with eSignature and texting capabilities (see below), you can get documents signed and claims submitted in a timely manner.

Document Sharing

Many attorneys currently use third party applications when they need to share documents with clients or anyone else. Some full featured Case Management Systems allow you to share documents directly, and even permit the recipient to review, edit, and return the document to you. This eliminates the need for file hosting services and allows you to track which documents have been shared with whom.


Send emails directly from your Case Management System. Also, can attach emails from Outlook to the appropriate case.


e-Signature apps make life easier for your staff and your clients. Conveniently send retainers, contracts, and authorizations to clients. The client can then review the document, sign it, and return the signed document to you. This will help reduce paperwork, enhance efficiency, and improve your interactions with clients.

Calendar and Scheduling

A full featured calendar is essential for every law firm. It should allow every user to view both their individual calendar as well as the full firm calendar. Added features will provide the ability to share your calendar with outside contacts so they can directly book a meeting with you.


Many firms market their services to the public. Whether your marketing is done in newspapers, TV, radio, billboards, or elsewhere, you need to know how to effectively measure your efforts. This ensures that your firm is spending the marketing budget effectively.


Many people today prefer communication via text rather than email. The ability to integrate with a texting service allows you to send text messages directly from your cases. All outgoing and incoming messages should be saved automatically in the related case.


The ability to customize your Case Management System is essential to making the system a good fit for your particular firm. The more customization that is available, the better the system will work for you.

Built-In Artificial Intelligence Tools

AI is at the forefront of the legal conversation these days. Case Management Systems are prioritizing AI and incorporating it into their software to stay competitive, and offer their users the latest technology. It can be used for document generation, analysis of data, depositions and trial testimonies. Firms can gain deeper insights and save valuable time having AI summarize new cases, motions briefs, depositions, and trial transcripts.

The right Case Management System will allow your firm to work as efficiently as possible. Every practice is different; the features and available integrations needed by each firm will vary. Think about how your firm operates and the areas for which you could benefit from technology. Then look for a system that incorporates those features directly, or through integrations with applications you may already use.