dtSearch® Added to Award-Winning Legal Case Management Software

SmartAdvocate and dtSearch together announce a brand-new release of the SmartAdvocate cloud-based and on-premises award-winning product line. Incredibly feature-rich, SmartAdvocate is a litigation case management software “on steroids.” dtSearch offers enterprise and developer text retrieval, including its own built-in document filters, to instantly search terabytes of online and offline data.

SmartAdvocate offers dozens of additional options for customizing and managing law practice caseloads, from pre-signing to pre-litigation, discovery, trial and post-trial. The new release further enhances dashboards and reporting features for cases in progress. Beyond caseload management, SmartAdvocate provides general legal industry productivity enhancers covering everything from document templates to calendar coordination. SmartAdvocate even streamlines a firm’s legal practice, including overall financial and operational details.

For full-text searching within SmartAdvocate’s cloud-based and firm-running product line, SmartAdvocate’s new release embeds the dtSearch Engine.

“When searching for a company to help us with full-text search, dtSearch was our CEO’s first choice,” says Allison Rampolla, SmartAdvocate’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “With dtSearch’s extensive list of features and their advanced knowledge of the legal space, it was the perfect fit for SmartAdvocate.”

The dtSearch product line enables immediate concurrent searching across terabytes of mixed data, spanning multiple folders, emails including attachments and nested attachments, online data, and other databases. The dtSearch Engine makes available dtSearch’s proprietary document filters and search technology to developers working on cloud-based and other applications.

About SmartAdvocate®, SmartAdvocate.com

SmartAdvocate is a fully integrated, award-winning legal case management system made to handle the challenges of today’s fast-paced, highly competitive, and technologically demanding world. Initially designed by and for personal injury and mass tort litigation firms, it is now used by a wide range of practices. SmartAdvocate’s robust, exclusive Internet-based features, will enable firms to manage, store, track, classify and communicate like never before, ensuring that they achieve the highest level of success. Plus, with 125+ integration partnerships, firms are able to customize SmartAdvocate to achieve exactly what they need. This revolutionary software will increase your practice’s efficiency and profitability.

About dtSearch®, dtSearch.com

The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991, the dtSearch product line instantly searches terabytes of text. Along with enterprise and developer text retrieval, the company has its own document filters, offering parsing, extraction, conversion, and searching of a broad range of data formats. Supported data types encompass databases, website data, popular “Office” formats, compression formats, and emails with attachments. dtSearch products meet some of the largest-capacity text retrieval needs in the world. The company has distributors worldwide with coverage on six continents. Please see dtSearch.com for hundreds of reviews and case studies, as well as fully-functional evaluation copies.

Contact: Allison Rampolla, VP Sales & Marketing, SmartAdvocate LLC, 516-715-0736 (Direct), 516-471-2500 (Mobile), allison@smartadvocate.com