Our Employees
Meet our Leadership Team

The SmartAdvocate® Leadership Team includes current and former practicing attorneys, programming and technology experts, and sales professionals. Together they bring years of experience to making SmartAdvocate® the best, most technologically advanced, and most user friendly legal case management system available.

Chief Technology Officer

Igor has been with SmartAdvocate since 2011. He manages SmartAdvocate Development, Support and Implementation teams. Prior to joining SmartAdvocate Igor was involved in development of IP-Call Center software.

Head of Training

Claude has been with SmartAdvocate since 2013 and is currently the Head of Training. Prior to joining the team, Claude worked for the New York court system and practiced law for over 20 years.

VP Sales & Marketing

Allison joined the SmartAdvocate team in early 2020 to lead the Sales, Marketing and Training teams. She brings extensive B2C / B2B marketing experience with emphasis on brand and creative strategy, acquisition, retention and customer experience.

Our Employees
Meet Our Sales Team

The SmartAdvocate® Sales Team includes seasoned sales and business development specialists with strong legal backgrounds.
Together they bring the necessary skills, finesse and years of experience to help clients make their firms more efficient and profitable with SmartAdvocate®. 

Business Development Specialist

Nataliya Blidy

Nataliya understands first-hand the challenges that law firms face every day. Her prior paralegal experience and knowledge of legal technology and automation allows her to provide excellent insights about the benefits of SmartAdvocate®.

Business Development Specialist

Dina Joseph

For almost a decade, Dina has worked in the legal industry cultivating quality relationships, expanding her network and developing a client base to include top trial attorneys from all over the country.

Business Development Specialist

Sean Parker

Prior to joining SmartAdvocate, Sean obtained his JD from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law in 2016. He has an extensive legal background in the area of personal injury and mass torts, helping law firms effectively manage their cases and staff productivity. 

Business Development Specialist

Karl Vogelsberg

Karl has 25+ years of experience as a consultant/business development expert. He specializes in driving the efficiency, productivity and profitability for law firms ranging in size from small, to mid-size, to some of the largest in the U.S.

Our Employees
Meet Our Training Team

The SmartAdvocate® Training Team is staffed with professionals who have extensive legal backgrounds and proven in-depth industry knowledge.
Together they are flexible and creative and effectively communicate with all different types of learners. Attending a training class to learn about how to use the features of SmartAdvocate will be a valuable experience.

Training Specialist

Harry Dreier

Harry served as a Law Clerk in the Superior Court of New Jersey and then practiced law in New Jersey for almost 20 years. He now works closely with clients to enhance their firm’s operation with SmartAdvocate.

Trei Clark-2
Training Specialist

Trei Clark

Trei, who previously worked as a consultant for one of our SmartAdvocate clients, has nearly a decade of experience in the personal injury industry. She consulted for law firms, medical providers and funding firms, and uses that experience to help our clients integrate SmartAdvocate into their current business operations.

Marina Delfel
Training Specialist

Marina Delfel

Marina’s cheerful disposition makes a great impression on all the new users that she trains. She also has the unique experience of having worked at a law firm that is one of our SmartAdvocate clients! Marina understands the Mass Tort sphere's day-to-day perspective and is a great source of knowledge and insight for many who go through training with her.

Our Employees
Meet Our Implementation Team

The SmartAdvocate® Implementation Team includes specialists with just the right mix of critical thinking, problem solving skills and a collaborative focus.
Their emphasis is always on the client, ensuring that each implementation process is guaranteed to go smoothly.

Implementation Specialist

Jose Vallines

Jose has over 10 years’ experience at a law firm as an IT Director, having a vast knowledge of legal case management software. This is what makes him such a valuable asset to the implementation team. Jose clearly understands how the benefits of SmartAdvocate can make firms more efficient and organized.

Implementation Specialist

Jacqueline Correa

Jacqueline has over 10 years of experience in the legal field as an office manager of a law firm. She understands exactly what firms are looking for, and knows the best ways to help them with SmartAdvocate’s implementation process.

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