Streamline Your Social Security Disability Practice

Research shows that having the assistance of a legal professional can boost a claimant’s chance of getting SSDI or SSI awards. SmartAdvocate’s fully customizable features help the lawyers who help win these cases.


Staying Competitive Is Key


Medical Record Retrieval Made Easy

Time is of the essence when it comes to medical record retrieval. With SmartAdvocate, users can create and track medical record requests, whether sent directly to the provider or through a medical records retrieval service.


Improve Client Communication

Provide clients instant access to their case documents, case calendar and notes with SmartAdvocate’s Client Portal. Your firm maintains complete control over what they can see.

Navigating The Claim Process For Social Security Benefits Is Difficult. SmartAdvocate Can Help.

According to the AARP website ( “A majority of applications for disability benefits are initially denied…you have the right to appeal, but getting a hearing can take a year or more.”

Firms who use SmartAdvocate have a robust collection of features to manage, store, track, classify and communicate like never before, ensuring that they achieve the highest level of success.

  • Automation Means Consistency

    Automation increases staff efficiency and minimizes the opportunity for error. SmartAdvocate saves time and ensures that cases are consistently handled in the exact manner that your firm wants, based on the case type, case status, staff assigned, and referral source.

  • Never Miss An Important Date

    Firms specializing in Social Security Disability matters can rely on SmartAdvocate's calendaring features to stay on top of important dates. Set reminders to ensure the case remains on track. Calendars for individuals and groups easily integrate with Outlook.

  • Outstanding Items

    With so many documents to process and cases to manage, law firms specializing in SSDI and SSI find SmartAdvocate invaluable. The Outstanding Items feature does not require you to go into each separate case file. Instead, the page provides a birds-eye view across all cases, to see what is outstanding. Most importantly, this feature will let you spot any unresolved issues before they become problems.

  • Cloud Or Server Based - Goes Where You Go

    Whether you choose our Cloud or Server, either option is fully browser-based, allowing for multiple users to work on a case at the same time. Plus, the SmartAdvocate iPhone and Android apps provide on-the-go access to case information from virtually anywhere. Send texts, emails, add appointment, view documents and more.

  • Over 135+ Integrations Available

    Customizing SmartAdvocate to your firm’s needs is easy with integrations. By maintaining such strong relationships with companies that specialize in eSignature, accounting, texting. medical record retrieval services, court docketing, and more, you have the option for your system to seamlessly integrate with the tools that your firm is already accustomed to. We can even create custom integrations for your current partners.

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