SmartAdvocate Server Software Requirements

SmartAdvocate is an award-winning, feature-rich legal case management system. Our server version provides your firm complete control over your data. It offers secure remote access to your caseload, simplifying collaboration on cases.  The application server and data can be located anywhere, eliminating time-consuming manual updates.

Server Image

Database & Web Server (one machine for up to 100 users)


Windows Server 2012, or later


Microsoft SQL 2012, or later (Standard or Enterprise edition)

Web Server

Microsoft IIS 8.0 or later

Office Software

Microsoft Office 2010, or later (only MS Word is required)


  • Number of cores

  • Example Processor

  • PassMark Score

  • RAM

  • System Hard Drive

  • Database Hard Drive

  • Document Hard Drive


  • 6-8 Logical Cores

  • Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6 @ 3.80GHz

  • 10,000+

  • 16GB

  • 50GB*

  • 50GB*

  • As needed**


  • 10-12 Logical Cores

  • Intel Xeon E-2176G @ 3.70GHz

  • 15,000+

  • 32GB

  • 100 GB SSD (RAID1)*

  • 100 GB SSD (RAID1)*

  • As needed (RAID5)*

*This is the space required by SmartAdvocate software/database and not the actual size of the hard drive.

**The hard drive size for the Documents and Images is an estimate and will depend on your firm’s document scanning and retention polices as well as types of the documents you are storing.



Windows 7 or later; MacOS Version 10.15: "Catalina" or later


Internet Explorer 11, Edge, e. Google Chrome 78+, Edge 88+, Safari 13+

Office Software

Microsoft Office 2010, or later


  • Workstation Processor

  • Workstation RAM

  • Workstation Monitor

  • Network Speed


  • Intel Core i3-9100F @ 3.60GHz (or similar)

  • 4GB

  • 17" (Resolution 1280x 1024)

  • 30 Mbps


  • Intel Core i5-9600K @ 3.70GHz (or similar)

  • 8GB

  • 24" (Resolution 1920x 1200)

  • 100 Mbps

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