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Firms specializing in Mass Tort cases can seamlessly improve their client satisfaction with SmartAdvocate. Our platform is fully customizable and loaded with features like: Our advanced Document Management, cutting-edge Intake Wizard and Office Calendaring that easily pushes SOLs, critical deadlines and appointments to staff calendars.


A Powerful Mass Tort Legal Case Management Software


Document Management Keeps Staff On Track

Automate document assembly with 4,000 available merge codes and quickly create necessary forms and submissions. Plus, with eSignature and texting capabilities, get documents signed and claims submitted in a timely manner.

Capabilities include:

  • Ability to create User Defined Fields that can be Case Type specific, thereby allowing the user to capture specific data designated by the Court.
  • Quickly generate completed complex documents (e.g., Plaintiff Fact Sheets) using templates that pull extensive data from your cases.
  • Documents with no size limitations can be shared with outside parties via secure link (even for parties that do not have access to SmartAdvocate).
  • Documents added to a case can be automatically scanned for ICD codes and injury information input directly on the Injury Page, thereby improving efficiency.
  • A Dedicated Prescriptions Page allows for the entry of prescription information (such as, Manufacturer, Product, NDC, Type, Lot Number, Dosage, etc.) for defective pharmaceuticals cases.

Manage Every Step Of Intake

Intake is at the heart of Mass Tort cases and our Intake Wizard allows staff to work with new prospects to capture all necessary information, and more.

Capabilities include:

  • Ability to configure Case Types to accommodate multiple jurisdictions, incident dates, and SOLs in the same case.
  • Ability to designate the lead case as an MDL (multidistrict litigation) – helpful for subsequent cases with the same Court and Docket Number, as they will be automatically associated with and listed as a “Member” Case in the list of MDL cases.
  • Conditional questions can be set to generate additional questions depending on the response to a prior one.
  • Question “weighting” can be set to allow quick decision making on whether to accept or deny a lead.
  • Retainer can be sent directly from Intake for e-signature, allowing the immediate retainer of a potential client.
  • Unqualified leads can be rejected directly at intake and rejection letter sent immediately, from Intake Wizard screen.

Easily Accessible, Fully Customizable, Extremely Powerful And Designed For Mass Torts Firms

When it comes to Mass Tort cases, whether the claim is about negligence or strict liability (like a manufacturing defect, a design defect or failure to warn) SmartAdvocate has the tools to help firms through every step of the legal process with our easy to use case management software for law firms. 

  • Automation Equals Consistency

    Automation increases efficiency and minimizes the opportunity for error. SmartAdvocate saves time and ensures that cases are consistently handled in the exact manner that your firm wants, based on the case type, case status, staff assigned and referral source.

  • Outstanding Items

    With so many documents to process and cases to manage, law firms specializing in Mass Tort cases find SmartAdvocate invaluable. The Outstanding Items feature does not require you to go into each separate case file. Instead, the page provides a birds-eye view across all cases, to see what is outstanding. Most importantly, this feature will let you spot any unresolved issues before they become problems.

  • Client Portal Access

    Communication in a law practice handling Mass Torts is important to the overall client relationship. The Client Portal provides instant access for a client to view case documents, case calendar and notes, while your firm maintains complete control over what they can see.  

  • Cloud Or Server Based - And Goes Where You Go

    Whether you choose our Cloud or Server Version, either option is fully browser-based, allowing for multiple users to work on a case at the same time. Plus, the SmartAdvocate iPhone and Android apps provide on-the-go access to case information from virtually anywhere. Send texts, emails, add appointment, view documents and more.

  • Over 135+ Integrations Available

    Customizing SmartAdvocate to your firm’s needs is easy with integrations like eSignature, accounting, texting, and medical record retrieval, which is crucial to Mass Tort cases. Time is of the essence and with SmartAdvocate, users can create and track medical record requests directly to the provider or through a medical records retrieval service. We can even create custom integrations for your current partners.

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