SmartAdvocate, Top-Rated Legal Case Management Software

Featured In Legal Tech Publishing’s 2021 Practice Management Buyers Guide

SmartAdvocate, the award-winning legal case management software has been highlighted in the 2021 Practice Management Buyers Guide published by Legal Tech Publishing in partnership with Above The Law. Legal Tech Publishing is well known and highly regarded within the industry for its case studies, whitepapers, educational webinars, and publications.

Initially designed by and for personal injury and mass tort litigation firms, SmartAdvocate now serves a wide range of practice areas worldwide. The Buyers Guide highlights SmartAdvocate’s key features, including their Cloud and Server versions, robust document management system, new case Intake Wizard, and more. The plethora of customizable dashboards and reports SmartAdvocate provides, allows users to best manage and track all information, from each individual case to overall firm financial and operational details.

A particularly popular feature of SmartAdvocate is the Client Portal, which allows legal professionals to remain connected with clients, without expending any additional staff time, or requiring attorneys and clients to meet in person. With the ability to upload and review documents, confirm appointments, and send paperwork for e-signature, SmartAdvocate has the tools that firms need to continue operating seamlessly, despite the drastic changes brought on by COVID-19.

Especially helpful in a remote working environment, includes the extensive reporting capabilities that SmartAdvocate offers. Beyond the standard reports available, the SmartAdvocate system provides Staff Activity Reports and Overdue Task Reports, offering insight on who’s doing what and what tasks are outstanding. In a remote working environment, these kinds of tools are key to ensure continued efficiency for law firms.

Exclusive features are what sets SmartAdvocate apart from other case management applications on the market. From simple calendaring features to best organize case and office schedules, to robust automation tools that make it easy to streamline an entire case’s workflow, firms are able to best enhance their processes with SmartAdvocate.

SmartAdvocate continually develops new features for their clients, such as their new Intake Scoring tool, which qualifies leads in real time during the intake process. “Beyond the strong foundation of key features SmartAdvocate offers,” Allison Rampolla, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, states, “we want to provide the additional tools that firms do not even realize they need. Our goal is to help legal professionals optimize their current operation, while simultaneously supporting their firm to grow.”

To read more about the key features of SmartAdvocate’s legal case management software, check out The Buyers Guide.

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