Customizable Legal Software for State and Municipalities Attorneys

State and municipalities attorneys need flexible legal software, packed with features to maximize productivity and compatible with other functions and systems. SmartAdvocate was designed specifically for lawyers, law clerks and paralegals to equip them with the most useful features and integrations.


Increased Efficiency For The Legal Needs of Public Legal Departments


Automation Maintains Consistency of Quality
Create document templates to speed up paperwork and ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. Utilize thousands of merge codes, and establish consistency in due dates, court dates, and filing deadlines.


Paperless Documentation
Increase staff efficiency and save taxpayer dollars by going paperless. Digitizing your documentation can save time and money while decreasing waste and its negative environmental impact. Plus, with eSignature and texting capabilities, get documents signed and claims closed more quickly.

SmartAdvocate Helps Firms From Start To Finish

  • Staff & Case Coordination

    State & municipalities attorneys can rely on SmartAdvocate's calendaring features to stay on top of important dates. Set a reminder to notify defendants of payment windows and deadlines, ensuring the cases remain on track. Calendars for individuals and groups can be managed with ease and functions easily integrate with Outlook.

  • Case Resolution

    Municipal legal departments and courts can use our software to easily communicate with all involved parties.

  • Outstanding Items

    With so many documents to process and cases to manage, busy state & municipalities attorneys find SmartAdvocate invaluable. The Outstanding Items feature does not require you to go into each separate case file. Instead, the page provides a birds-eye view across all cases, to see what is outstanding. Most importantly, this feature will let you spot any unresolved issues before they become problems.

  • Cloud Or Server Based - And Goes Where You Go

    Whether you choose our Cloud or Server, either option is fully browser-based, allowing for multiple users to work on a case at the same time. Plus, the SmartAdvocate iPhone and Android apps provide on-the-go access to case information from virtually anywhere. Send texts, emails, add appointment, view documents and more.

  • Over 135+ Integrations Available

    Customizing SmartAdvocate to your firm’s needs is easy with integrations. By maintaining such strong relationships with companies that provide services like e-Signature, accounting, texting, medical record retrieval services, court docketing, and more, you have the option for your system to seamlessly integrate with the tools that your municipality is already using. We can even create custom integrations for your current partners.

  • Jury Management Benefits

    Many of SmartAdvocate's functions can be used to improve your jury management process. Templates, dashboards, and our portal allow you to organize jury pools and scheduling, or to shuffle jurors around quickly. Automatically create and print documentation with juror information, service payment information, and other reminders and dates the jurors need to know, as case events are updated.

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