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Exciting New and Key Features

The SmartAdvocate® case management system has a wealth of features designed to make  your firm more efficient and profitable.


Send text messages directly from within SmartAdvocate®.  Texts appear as being from a unique phone number, not the sender’s personal cell phone. Both outgoing and incoming text messages are automatically saved in the related case. SmartAdvocate is compatible with MMS texts, including photos.


A wealth of Dashboards and Reports help you keep track of critical case information, as well as vital firm financial and operational details. With the Subscribe feature, you can even have Reports automatically emailed to you on any schedule you choose. Need specialized information? We can create custom reports to meet your needs.


Emails can easily be sent from your cases in SmartAdvocate. Emails sent from or received in Outlook can be quickly attached to the appropriate case. Attachments to emails can be saved in SmartAdvocate as part of the email or directly onto the Documents page. Emails that have been attached to a case in SmartAdvocate are automatically flagged in Outlook as “Attached”.


We understand - many law offices today use Microsoft’s Office Suite. SmartAdvocate’s Microsoft Office Add-Ins make it easy to associate emails received in Outlook with their cases in SmartAdvocate, and to create document templates from your existing Word and Excel forms.


SmartAdvocate’s WorkPlans function as a checklist, but also automate some of your routine processes, streamlining the operation of your firm. Automated Procedures allow you to create repeating tasks, send automated text messages or emails to clients, create multiple reminders, or automatically generate documents, all triggered by various events in the case.


Exceptional calendar reporting can display events for a single case, a single individual, any group or department, or the entire office, all with just a couple clicks. Appointments, Critical Deadlines, and SOLs can be pushed to your Outlook calendar. A true office-wide calendar.


SmartAdvocate makes it easy to arrange for funding for your clients. Just click the Funding Button and SmartAdvocate gathers the required information and completes the Funding application, making it easy for you to send the completed application electronically to the Funding Company. Once funding is approved, you will receive notification directly in SmartAdvocate.


A dedicated Outstanding Items page in each case shows “outstanding” items (e.g., discovery demands, opposition to motions, medical records requests, tax return requests, orders, etc.) that plaintiff has requested or is required to furnish or respond to. Find open or unresolved items before they become problems, without having to navigate to multiple pages.


The All Insurance page allows you to see all insurance policies entered into the case, including the insurance details for both plaintiffs and defendants. This page has the same functionality as the Plaintiff and Defendant Insurance pages, including editing, adding, and deleting insurance companies. You no longer need to review two pages to locate this information.


SmartAdvocate makes your intake process more efficient and effective. Quickly and easily create new cases in Case Wizard, which runs an automatic conflict-of-interest check. The Investigator’s App allows your staff to input new cases on their iPad or Android tablet from almost anywhere. And you can easily track where your cases are coming from right within SmartAdvocate.
Additionally, SmartAdvocate integrates seamlessly with numerous intake services, including web chat, call centers, and more. The SmartAdvocate Case Monitor Widget provides a list on your desktop of all new cases externally entered into your system, to ensure appropriate follow-up. Cases remain on the list until a staff member enters a Note into the case.


Know at a glance exactly where each case stands, with SmartAdvocate Statuses and Sub-Statuses. When you open a case, immediately see the stage the case is in (i.e.: Pre-Sign, Pre-Litigation, Trial, Referred Out, etc.), and track any other information of importance to your firm (treatment status, last client contact, severity of injury, and more). Create your own set of Statuses and Sub-Statuses to track the information most important to you. Follow the flow of your cases using any of several provided Reports and Dashboards, or create your own custom Status report using our Case Browse feature.


Successfully marketing your firm has never been more important. SmartAdvocate can help you spend your marketing dollars effectively. Simply enter your marketing information into the system, and SmartAdvocate will automatically track your return on investment for each marketing campaign. You will know which campaigns are providing a good return for your firm and which you might want to reconsider. How much effort do you currently put into obtaining that information? How much do you really know about the return on your marketing dollars? Let SmartAdvocate do that work for you, and you will know where your marketing dollars are best spent.

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SmartAdvocate® easily creates and tracks medical records requests, either directly to the provider or through a medical records retrieval service. Dashboards monitor your overdue and outstanding medical records requests, making follow-up stress-free. Track your client’s injuries from pre-set injury lists. Injury details are entered on the Injuries page.


Easily create document templates from your current Word, Excel, and PDF forms, which automatically insert information from the case into the document through an extensive list of thousands of standard and custom merge codes. Creating documents from these templates is a breeze – just a few clicks and it is done. Mass assemble documents, which are then personalized with contact or case specific data.


When scanning multiple documents, simply create and print a barcode for each one, place it on top of each document, stack the documents, and scan them all simultaneously. SmartAdvocate will automatically separate each document and place it in the appropriate case file. Barcoding is available for both Server and Cloud/SaaS customers.


Create your own User Defined Fields (UDFs) to track information for specific case types.  Case Statuses are fully customizable (you can define as many as you need) and can be grouped into case stages (Pre-sign, Pre-litigation, Litigation, etc.).  Virtually all Dropdowns in SmartAdvocate are completely customizable to fit how your firm operates.  SmartAdvocate is the most customizable case and document management solution available. We work the way you work.


The Case Summary Screen provides a snapshot of the case on one easy to read screen.
User defined and customizable home page contains critical information about a user’s tasks, cases, upcoming appointments, and more.
Dedicated Lien Tracking and Disbursements Pages track all liens and case disbursements.
The Settlement Screen can calculate settlement distributions including firm’s fee and client’s net proceeds.


Enter your fee agreement percentage and SmartAdvocate will calculate your firm’s fee, taking into account any case disbursements, referral fees, etc. You can even set up sliding scale fee arrangements, as required or permitted by your jurisdiction.
The Negotiations/Settlement page makes it quick and easy to calculate the firm’s fee and your client’s net payment based upon a proposed settlement amount. Just enter the settlement amount and let SmartAdvocate do the rest.


SmartAdvocate works with numerous software packages and service providers to provide seamless integration with accounting software, texting, e-signature, medical record retrieval, and more. We currently offer more than 125+ different integrations, with more being added regularly, and we can create custom integrations for the software or providers you currently use.


SmartAdvocate® can track the effectiveness of your advertisement campaigns. It provides cost per call and cost per retainer for all your advertisement campaigns.
The Timeline provides a chronological timeline of significant events that have taken place in the case.
SmartAdvocate® has a simple button which allows you to Time Track the work performed on any case. The Time Tracking page makes bulk time entry easy and keeps track of all of your firm’s time entries.


Do you ever need to view the Tasks, Critical Deadlines, Appointments, and additional case related information for other firm employees? With appropriate permissions, you can see and act upon the home page of any other staff member. Any actions taken will display under your name, not the other staff member’s.

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