Case Management Cloud-Based Software for a Corporate Law Practice

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The Perfect Choice for Legal Case Management Software


The Perfect Choice for Legal Case Management Software

Staying organized and efficient can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Whether you are part of an independent law firm or the in-house counsel for a large corporation, there are always a variety of moving parts and legal issues to handle that can easily become overwhelming, even under ideal circumstances. When you use the best case management software to handle your workload, however, you can reduce busywork, boost your productivity by automating routine tasks, and organize your workflow to keep your team on track. SmartAdvocate's powerful software for legal matter management for in-house counsel can integrate seamlessly with other tools to help you be more efficient and ultimately help your firm to become more profitable.


Software Technology That Increases Profitability

Loaded with features, capabilities, and reports that other legal case management systems do not have, SmartAdvocate is litigation case management software on steroids. SmartAdvocate can reduce busywork, making employees more efficient, and gives you better control over your legal files. Our legal case management software creates increased efficiency and improved productivity and therefore allows for greater profitability.

The Case Management Software Designed By and For Personal Injury Lawyers

In-House Counsel Case Management Software for Corporations

Powerful Functionality for In-House Counsel Litigation Management

SmartAdvocate has all of the features you need to ensure efficient litigation management for in-house counsel. Dozens of detailed dashboards and reports allow staff to monitor all case information and upper management to monitor staff performance and all operational details of the firm. Our WorkPlans feature streamlines firm workflows as well as automate routine tasks across your entire organization, freeing up time for staff to focus on building the strongest cases possible.

SmartAdvocate integrates with Microsoft Office to maximize its functionality. You can create templates to use in SmartAdvocate from your Excel and Word documents, and within Outlook, SmartAdvocate automatically sort emails into the correct case files. Our case management Cloud-based software for corporate law offices also partners with over 125 integration tools that you may already use. Plus, if there is a tool that SmartAdvocate does not integrate with, we can build custom integrations for you and your staff to ensure you have all the tools your corporation relies on.

Collaboration is also simple and streamlined with the ability to allow permissions to case information to staff, referring council, outside council, adjusters and anyone else critical to the case as long as they have a SmartAdvocate license. You can determine the level of access to the information so that real time data is in all the right hands throughout a case.

Get Organized With Case Management Cloud-Based Software for Corporate Law Offices

When you use our legal document management software, you will never have to worry about misplacing a key document or missing an important file. Within SmartAdvocate, clients can organize documents using custom foldering and search for documents by category/subcategory, to/from, dates, descriptions & even comments within a case.

Documents can also be sent out for review, approval or e-signature, even copied from case to case or documents can be exported to build a demand pack. Our in-house counsel case management software also includes the dynamic barcode functionality that scans in and automatically sorts multiple documents into their relevant file with ease.

SmartAdvocate tracks all requests for medical records, keeps tabs on the status of each case, sorts emails and saves attachments into the relevant case files, and alerts you to outstanding needs like requests for tax records or motions that need responses.

Using our case management Cloud-based software for a corporate law practice can also help you to keep your staff's schedules organized. SmartAdvocate's calendaring features allow you to see appointments and deadlines for an individual case, a single staff member, or everyone in your office. You can view and edit your calendar, as well as the calendar for your entire team, allowing for simple coordination amongst staff. Calendaring reports provides options such as emailing out a scheduled report at the end of each day listing the following day's appointments and time off of the entire staff, ensuring your team is all on the same page, no matter where they might physically be working from.

Automation Is The Key To Being Successful With Legal Case Management

SmartAdvocate has been automating law offices for over 17 years. Creating the functions required for paralegals and attorneys to maximize their abilities has provided us with first-hand knowledge of automation. Law firms that fail to utilize automation and its functionalities are falling behind the curve. It is crucial to analyze your firm's position, to improve your bottom line, maximize the time of your staff, and elevate your clients' experience with your services.

  • Increase your In House Council's efficiency

    • Thousands of pre-defined merge codes for just about every step and document in the case management process, along with the ability to create your own, allowing you to generate easy templates for all your regular processes
    • Clients and contacts can receive updates and reminders with automated emails and texts, when triggering events occur.
    • Automatic attachment of scanned documents to the appropriate file saves time processing documents and searching for them.
    • Ability to generate a document and send to a client for e-signature.
    • Automated follow-up on discovery and medical record requests.
  • Accuracy Will Become A Mainstay

    • Automatic population of events and critical deadlines to calendars and automated reminders to your staff and all persons related to the case will help avoid missed deadlines.
    • Exporting data from the file to documents and pleadings eliminates the opportunity for typographical errors or omitted information.
    • Automated follow-up ensures that important information doesn't slip through the cracks.
    • Automatic calculation and calendaring of statutes of limitations and other critical deadlines.
    • Workflow automation for email, text updates, and reminders, plus the ability to obtain your clients' e-signatures on critical documents.

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