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The Perfect Choice for Legal Case Management Software


The Perfect Choice for Legal Case Management Software

SmartAdvocate is the best option on the market for personal injury attorney software. You'll be able to manage clients' cases through every step of the relationship with your firm using our litigation case management system. SmartAdvocate's Statuses and Sub-Statuses feature allows users to view the progress of every file in their caseload, from pre-signing to pre-litigation, discovery, trial, and post-trial. Combine this with the powerful Intake Case Wizard and you have the best case management system for personal injury lawyers.


Software Technology That Increases Profitability

Loaded with features, capabilities, and reports that other legal case management systems do not have, SmartAdvocate is litigation case management software on steroids. SmartAdvocate legal management software can reduce busywork, making employees more efficient, and giving you better control over your practice and legal files. Case management software creates increased efficiency and improved productivity and therefore greater profitability.

The Case Management Software Designed By and For Personal Injury Lawyers

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  • Get the Top Legal Case Management Software for Small Firms

    Regardless of whether they're small or large, law firms across the board handle complex cases, strive to provide the best representation possible for their clients, and need to run efficiently. But small firms also have their own distinct needs. After all, smaller firms deal with complex lawsuits with fewer administrative support professionals than larger firms. That's why you need the best small law firm case management software to keep your office running as efficiently as possible. Managing a law firm isn't easy, but the best case management software for small law firms can offer task automation, document management, detailed tracking, and easy-to-use reports, all of which can help you do more with less. With a powerful tool like SmartAdvocate, your attorneys will be able to focus on providing excellent representation and spend less time on busywork.

  • Small Law Firm Case Management Software Created by Lawyers

    SmartAdvocate has been the acknowledged leader in the field of legal case and document management systems since its creation. From its inception, the software was designed to be functional and enable attorneys to focus on their practice instead of on paperwork. The people who created SmartAdvocate were lawyers like you who needed efficient legal practice management software to help them run an efficient and profitable firm. When they couldn't find software that was reliable, user-friendly, able to help them manage complicated cases, and capable of creating useful reports to bolster their efficiency, they made their own. These basics are what all practices need out of their case management software, and yet only SmartAdvocate offers it all.

  • What Makes the Best Legal Case Management Software for Small Firms?

    At SmartAdvocate, we've worked with top attorneys and managing partners to make sure that our software has everything a law firm of any size could need. Something that we heard time and time again was that good case management software should be user-friendly, with an interface that won't intimidate staff members. It also needs to be able to handle and organize a wealth of complex information, such as profiles and depositions of people involved, medical details for personal injury cases, and documentation of economic damages. The best case management software can handle and track details like referrals, contacts with insurance companies, and information about all parties in multi-defendant or class-action litigation, and it is able to present all of this information quickly and clearly. We made sure that our powerful software can handle all of these tasks with ease.

    The best legal case management software for firms of any size should also be able to display as much information as possible on each screen without being muddled or overwhelming. Law firm staff shouldn't have to waste time wading through menus, running frustrating database searches or compiling reports that turn out not to be useful. And the software should include simple shortcuts to help users find what they need fast. SmartAdvocate's tools and reports are clear and precise, so you don't waste valuable time.

    The best case management software for small law firms should also be able to keep you organized and eliminate routine busywork. That's why we included automation tools in SmartAdvocate to take care of repeated tasks for you, set automated reminders or send messages to clients triggered by specific events. Our WorkPlans function is like a super-checklist, streamlining processes and keeping you on track.

  • Software That Works With How You Work

    SmartAdvocate integrates with text messaging and email as well as many of the programs you use every day, including Microsoft Word and Excel. It can even automatically sort emails and attach them to the relevant cases, so you never lose track of an important attachment again. You can even send text messages from within SmartAdvocate while still maintaining your privacy.

    With our mobile app for iOS and Android, you don't have to be tied to your desk to get things done. Access case documents, send emails, or track your time while you're on the go. You'll also be able to check and modify the calendar for any case or for the whole office from anywhere, and you can sync this information with your Outlook calendar, too.

  • Legal Case Management Software for Small Firms With Smaller Budgets

    Just because you're running a smaller firm doesn't mean that good case management software is beyond your reach. SmartAdvocate is available in both Server and Cloud versions, meaning that you don't have to invest in your own server and IT staff to maintain it if your firm isn't ready to take that step. When you choose SmartAdvocate Cloud, you'll get the power of our advanced productivity solutions as a subscription service, meaning that things like software updates and server maintenance will be handled for you so you can focus on growing your firm.

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    Top firms of all sizes count on SmartAdvocate's fully integrated case management system to make them more efficient and more profitable. Our clients rave about our software, and readers of the New York Law Journal and the New Jersey Law Journal voted for SmartAdvocate as their preferred case management software. Accolades have also been published in CIOReview and Virginia Lawyers Weekly. But seeing is believing, which is why we'd be glad to give you a free demo of our powerful productivity tools. Just contact us online or call 1-877-GET-SMART (1-877-438-7627) so we can show you how SmartAdvocate can improve how your firm operates.

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