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Award-Winning Legal Case Management Software


The Power Of Teamwork

The advantages of collaborating are well-documented. With SmartAdvocate’s advanced communication features, you can view and act upon the home page of any staff member. This includes making updates to Tasks, Critical Deadlines and Appointments.


Document Management Keeps Staff On Track

Automate document assembly with 4,000 available merge codes and quickly create necessary forms and submissions. Plus, with eSignature and texting capabilities, get documents signed and claims submitted in a timely manner.

Work Smarter For Your Criminal Defense Clients

Aggressive representation is necessary for firms specializing in Criminal Defense, and SmartAdvocate has the tools necessary to help them. Whether working to get reduced charges or a plea deal that gives a client favorable terms from the prosecution, SmartAdvocate’s robust features enable firms to manage, store, track and communicate like never before.

  • Spend Time On The Important Work – Not The Menial Work

    Criminal defense lawyers serve as powerful protectors for those who are in vulnerable positions during legal proceedings. Moreover, they are advocates for justice on behalf of all individuals. Their work is essential in maintaining the integrity of the judicial system as a whole. SmartAdvocate has the tools to help firms exceed their clients’ expectations.

  • Client Portal Access

    Communication in any law practice is important to the overall client relationship. The Client Portal provides instant access for a client to view case documents, case calendar and notes, while your firm maintains complete control over what they can see.  

  • Cloud Or Server Based - And Goes Where You Go

    Whether you choose our Cloud or Server, either option is fully browser-based, allowing for multiple users to work on a case at the same time. Plus, the SmartAdvocate iPhone and Android apps provide on-the-go access to case information from virtually anywhere. Send texts, emails, add appointment, view documents and more.

  • Over 135+ Integrations Available

    Customizing SmartAdvocate to your firm’s needs is easy with integrations like eSignature, accounting, and texting. We can even create custom integrations for your current partners.

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