With Mass Update Reassigning Staff Is No Longer a Headache

An employee leaving your firm, under any condition, can be a major headache for the managers and the partners. As a manager/partner you now have your work cut out for you. You must now recruit and train a new employee.

As if that was not enough work, you also have to worry about your ex-employee’s case load and workflow, including:

  1. Pending tasks that may have been left as a draft and/or never started by your ex-employee.
  2. Approaching SOL and critical deadlines that were assigned to your ex-employee.
  3. The office calendar has to be reviewed and reassigned.

This process, caused by turnover, can be very time consuming. If you miss some items, it will adversely affect your practice. With SmartAdvocate now in less than 3 minutes and only a few clicks, you will accomplish a very large portion of dealing with this “turnover” nightmare:

You still have to recruit your new employee (we have not figured that one out as of yet). However, I am pleased to introduce to you our “MASS UPDATE” feature:

Step 1:
Click on your Case Browse tab and select the name of your ex-employee. Then click on search cases:

Step 2:
Select all the cases that populated from your search, click on “MASS UPDATE” and select “Reassign Staff”:

Step 3:
You tell the system that you want all the cases from your ex-employee (select name from the drop down) to be re-assigned to your new employee (select name from the drop down), then you click on the box to “reassign tasks” and also click on the box to “also reassign appointments” then simply click on reassign staff on the bottom of your box:

Without SmartAdvocate, this reassignment process would have taken days and days of work by the calendar clerk (reassigning appointments, lawyers (reviewing and reassigning SOL and critical deadlines), managers (reviewing and reassigning tasks). With SmartAdvocate it was all done in less than 3 minutes and with only a few clicks!