Using Custom Merge Codes and Builder Merge Codes to Customize

Custom Merge Codes, or CMCs, are just that – merge codes that are created by the user specifically for the user or his or her firm. Custom Merge Codes can be as complicated as full paragraphs used for legal documents, or as simple as signature blocks for letters.

CMCs are created using the SmartAdvocate plug-in for Microsoft Word. While in Microsoft Word, the user opens a new file and enters the text he or she would like to use for the merge code. For the following example, I’m using two-attorney signature blocks.

To create your CMC, just type the text you would like to appear when your merge code is selected. As you can see below, I added a digital signature as well as the information that would follow for an attorney signature block. When you’ve created a CMC that is of your liking save it. Give it a name a type and a description, then save it as a Custom Merge Code. If you are going to be using this CMC as part of a Builder Merge Code, you should try to keep the types and descriptions consistent. This will make it easier to locate the CMCs.

When you press “Save” it is now part of your merge code library in SmartAdvocate. Repeat the same steps for any additional custom merge codes you would like to create.

Custom Merge Code

Merge Codes, or BMCs, are created by combining one or all of the custom merge codes you previously created. BMCs are created in SmartAdvocate, not in Word. To create your BMC, go to the Admin toolbar and select Document Templates, then click on the Builder Merge Codes tab. From there, click on Create Builder Merge Code.

Builder Merge Codes

Give your BMC a name, description, and type the same way you did with your CMC. Then using the “Add” button assign the custom merge codes to your BMC and save the BMC.

Builder Merge Code Description

Your Builder Merge Code will now be available for your use. You can find it by searching Custom Merge Codes and using your merge code name and/or description that you previously created.

Custom Merge Codes

When you generate your document the BMC will prompt the user to select one or all of the CMCs. After you’ve selected the CMCs you want to use, press” Finish: and you’re done.


You will now have your attorney signatures just the way you wanted them. Just another way SmartAdvocate makes your everyday tasks easier.