Use Email Templates to Streamline Sending Information

Have you ever found yourself composing and sending what amounts to the same email over and over again? Typing with a sense of déjà vu? Ever wish for a way to somehow systemize and consolidate the entire email process so you spend less time typing? Well, SmartAdvocate has a solution for you – email templates.

Just like the document templates used to effortlessly generate documents in SmartAdvocate, you can conveniently design, create and ultimately use email templates. But while document templates lead to a production of documents, email templates facilitate the production of emails. Using these templates is a big time saver. You can speed your way through the generation and sending of emails all the while avoiding the drudgery and boredom associated with repetitive tasks. And let’s not forget one of the primary reasons you invested in case management software in the first place – increasing overall productivity by decreasing the time spent on recurrent tasks. So SmartAdvocate once again provides users with a win-win solution.

So where do you find these templates? In the template dropdown box of course. When you open an email screen to compose an email look for a dropdown box titled “template”. Here you will find a drop down listing all of the available email templates for your perusal and use.

All you have to do is choose one of the available templates and it will be opened in the body or content section of the email. If you are satisfied with the content as presented all you need to do now is insert an email address and your email is ready to be dispatched. And if you are not satisfied you have ample opportunity to edit the content or any other portion of the email prior to clicking send.

In our example above, the template dropbox choice titled “Client Contact Email” was chosen by clicking on the Client Contact Email selection, which opened the template in the body of our email. Sure beats typing the entire email every time.

You can find email templates everywhere you can generate an email. For SmartAdvocate this means a variety of places. You can even create great email blasts using your custom predesigned email templates in minutes. Targeting one, all or a specific group of your clients for informational purposes or as part of a marketing campaign can’t be any easier – or quicker.

If you think using email templates is easy just wait until I show you how effortless creating your own templates can be. Stay tuned.