The New 'Open in This Tab' Feature

SmartAdvocate was designed to run in a browser (more commonly referred to as 'browser based'). This means that it uses your browser (currently full functionality is supported in Internet Explorer version 11 and above, Edge and Google Chrome version 38 or above) to render the information on your screen. When you open new pages in SmartAdvocate, the new page opens in a new browser tab. This design allows the user to simultaneously have an almost unlimited number of pages/files open in SmartAdvocate. There are times, however, when the user may wish to have a new page or file opened in an existing window.SmartAdvocate recently implemented a new feature where the user can determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether to open a new page in SmartAdvocate in the current tab or a 'new' tab. The feature can be set in User Preferences and it is also available in search results.In User Preferences, the user can set her preference to automatically open a new tab for search results. With this option enabled, search results will display in a new tab. Since 'User Preferences' are user specific and not system wide, individuals have the flexibility of setting their preferences so that search results automatically display the way they want it, i.e., open in the same tab or open in a new tab.

Additionally, search results will give the user the option to open a file in the current tab or open in a new tab (the default is based on the User Preference setting as outlined above).

In the next release of SmartAdvocate, the search icon will be changed at the Top Search location. The current search icon will be replaced with two new icons: the first will give the user the option to 'search in this window' (arrow pointing down) and the second will give the option to 'search in a new tab' (arrow pointing up). The addition of these two new search options will further enhance and improve the flexibility of having searches display the way you want it.

search in this window

SmartAdvocate prides itself on being very responsive to their clients and users. Suggestions and request for new features (such as the 'Open in This Tab' Feature) are usually implemented in short order. The ability to enhance and improve SmartAdvocate in an expeditious manner is one of the many reasons it remains head-and-shoulders above the competition.