Speed Along the Information Super Highway With Full Chrome Support!

Some will argue that the web browser is perhaps the most important program on your computer (after SmartAdvocate® of course). SmartAdvocate® was designed to run in a browser which allows its users to take advantage of the inherent flexibility of such a design. While SmartAdvocate® has always allowed the users to select the browser of their choice, there are certain limitations posed by some browsers, such as document generation and editing. With the most recent release, SmartAdvocate® now has full Chrome support on Windows computers. (Full support of Internet Explorer has always been available). Full support simply means that ALL functionality (document generation, editing, etc.) is available. Users of SmartAdvocate® who switch over to Chrome will see a significant boost in performance. Pages are more ‘crisp’ and load much faster. And, since pages load much quicker, attorneys and paralegals will spend less time waiting and more time helping their clients.

For those ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ Internet Explorer users, please note that with the release of the December 2014 Build of SmartAdvocate®, you will need to upgrade to IE version 11. Explorer users will also see some improvement in performance.

To use Chrome fully with SmartAdvocate (especially when working with documents), you will need the Chrome Extension and Document Launcher Application that were developed by the SmartAdvocate programmers.

Internet Explorer 11 must be configured to run SmartAdvocate® pages without Compatibility Mode enabled.

So, in addition to having the best personal injury case management system that is robust, user friendly and chock full of features – you now get a system that runs much faster to boot. A definite win-win for you and your firm!