SmartAdvocate's Blue Text Doesn’t Signal The Blues

As a user of the internet you are no doubt very familiar with hypertext and hyperlinks and as a user of SmartAdvocate, the only wholly browser-based case management software developed for law offices, you’ve come to rely on hyperlinks as useful navigation tools.

Hypertext is text on a web page, customarily colored “hypertext blue”, containing a link which when clicked, transports the user to another panel or page containing additional relevant content.  Analogously, SmartAdvocate also makes use of hypertext to enable you to view associated or linked information or data.

Currently that hypertext consists of either text or numbers, with the numbers correlating to existing case files.  These case file numbers, when clicked, will bring you to one of SmartAdvocate’s innovative features, the Case Summary Screen, where you can view a snapshot of all of the important data for that file on one screen.  Clicking on the text brings us to the point of this blog.

Have you ever needed to make a call to a person or organization while you were viewing their file?  Or wanted to contact a client to verify some already entered information?  Sure, you could find the information you need in another panel or screen, but that would require opening one or more screens or panels, searching for and retrieving the data sought and finally reopening the original screen to continue.  For a savvy SmartAdvocate user that’s just too many mouse clicks.  Instead SmartAdvocate makes getting that telephone number, address, email address, date of birth or social security number fast and easy without requiring you to leave the current screen.  Here’s how:

Left Clicking on the hypertext takes you to a new full page screen where you are presented with comprehensive contact information about that person or organization.  If previously entered, you can find a client’s home and business address, email addresses, their website URL and a profusion of other personal information

Right Clicking on that same hypertext and you are presented with a small information panel with that person’s or organization’s address, phone number, email address, date of birth and social security number floating on top of the current screen or panel.  One click opens the information panel, while another click on the “close” button or anywhere on the current page closes it.  The most used contact information is literally at your fingertips, accessible with just one mouse click.  And, should you want to email that contact you’ll find that the Outlook email editor is just another mouse click away.

The difference between the two mouse clicks is that left clicking changes the screen you are on to a new one while right clicking only opens up a small information panel on top of the current screen and only lists primary contact information.

While hypertext and hyperlinks are certainly not new ideas, having been coined as technological terms back in the 1960’s, SmartAdvocate has expanded their function and use in the software’s quest to help you work smarter, not harder