SmartAdvocate® & eLaw Integrate Calendaring features and Best Case Management System

If you’re not already aware, the calendaring features of eLaw can be fully integrated in SmartAdvocate®.
This integration automates and coordinates your calendar management function between the two platforms. Synchronization between SmartAdvocate and eLaw will automatically add new or updated information to both systems when entered in either one. The information that is synced between the two systems includes:

  • Date and Time
  • Part
  • Judge
  • Action
  • Appearance Type
  • Comment
  • Case ID (for internal use)
  • County
  • Docket No.
  • Index No.

Within a specific event you will be able to view the automatic updates, which will show you adjournment information and comments from eLaw. SmartAdvocate will also automatically assign the attending staff member and add all the relevant information.

If you are an eLaw client and haven’t added the integration to your SmartAdvocate account, you should. And if you are not an eLaw client, you should be.