Quick Access Made Quicker

Multitaskers take note. You will not find a case management system out there with a quicker or easier way of entering information than SmartAdvocate. If there is a better or faster way to enter data SmartAdvocate has either already incorporated it or the system’s ever vigilant programmers are busy making plans to include it in a future update. Furthering that thought, in the unceasing quest for reducing keystrokes, SmartAdvocate has a number of built-in shortcuts. Here’s a popular one.

For instance, let’s say you have just used SmartAdvocate’s `Search Bar’ to locate a file you want to open and work on. After entering the search parameters of your choosing, the system presents you with either your intended case or more often than not, a listing of comparable matching cases on the `Search Results’ screen.

In typical SmartAdvocate fashion, entries can be made directly from the instant screen. So after locating your case, you can quickly add a note, add a telephone message or generate a barcoding page to automate scanning and uploading of documents just by clicking on one of the icons in the `Action’ Column. Alternatively you can proceed to SmartAdvocate’s `Summary Screen’ by simply left clicking on the `Case Number’.

But wait, hold that click, there’s more. Right click anywhere on the row containing your intended case and a panel opens up with even more choices.

Eight more choices are offered to be exact. You can (1) add an appointment, (2) add a quick note, (3) add a task, (4) go directly to the Calendar, (5) go directly to the `Case Disbursements’ screen, (6) go directly to the `Documents’ screen, (7) go directly to the `Negotiation / Settlement’ screen or (8) go directly to the `Notes’ screen. All without the need for stopping at the `Summary’ screen.

Just another example of how SmartAdvoccate, the current state of the art Case Management System is synonymous with quick. Quick as in increased productivity. Thank you SmartAdvocate.