New 2020 Software Release Announced Featuring 1,000+ Enhancements

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla., Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SmartAdvocate, the award-winning case management software is proud to announce their new software release (v2020). With 1,000+ new enhancements to the application, this release contains features and software updates to help clients endure the challenges of today’s fast-paced, highly competitive, and technologically demanding world.  As SmartAdvocate prides itself as being responsive to its users, most of the enhancements are the result of their users’ requests made over the past 12 months.  Among them are Two-Factor Authorization and New Case Intake Scoring – a new feature that automatically assigns a case score based on answers to intake questions.

Features to save time is a trend in this release, with the new option to assign Teams to cases as part of the Case Type setup, add Teams case by case, and have the Team visible on the Case Summary page. Also, the ability to create rules that automatically assign staff to a case based on Case Type.  As SmartAdvocate aims to provide solutions for firms to operate more efficiently, the release includes the ability to attach documents directly from a case to mass-generated emails.

Igor Selizhuk, Chief Technology Officer of SmartAdvocate, has been at the forefront of managing the development of the new release, and with its debut, will be overseeing the implementation and training by the SmartAdvocate Trainers, as it is rolled out to clients. “We take pride with each release,” Selizhuk states, “because with each one, we fulfill our promise to our clients to continually and timely provide them with a system that matches their evolving needs.

SmartAdvocate is a powerful browser-based, fully integrated case management system, used by a wide range of litigation firms.  Having just been recognized as the Best Case and Practice Management Software by the New York and New Jersey Law Journals for five years in a row, SmartAdvocate continues to be a leader in the case management industry.

The new 2020 software release elevates the product that SmartAdvocate brings to the market. As they continue to expand their integration partnerships and are always looking for what can be included in their next release, SmartAdvocate delivers on its mission to increase firms’ overall efficiency and profitability.

Contact: Allison Rampolla, VP Sales & Marketing, SmartAdvocate LLC, 516-723-4636 (Direct), 516-471-2500 (Mobile),