Medical records reports and dashboard v2.0

Of the forty-three or so pre-formatted reports in SmartAdvocate, one of my favorites is the “Medical Records Request Report.” The ‘subscribe’ feature available with every SmartAdvocate Report is really a great time saver and a feature that I suggest you take more advantage of. For those of you who have not ‘gotten around’ to setting up your subscriptions in SmartAdvocate, you are doing yourself a great disservice and you are not taking full advantage of one of the great features of the best Case Management System available.

In the Personal Injury practice area, the inability to quickly get medical records from the various medical providers, is, quite often, one of the biggest impediments to moving a case forward. If the staff does not have a reasonably good way of keeping track of those requests for medical records, and, more importantly, a systematic way of doing effective follow-ups, then moving a case forward becomes even more problematic.

The SmartAdvocate Medical Records Request Report will show you, at the click of a button, all your cases that have outstanding requests, the date of the request, the staff member who is responsible for the follow-up (Assignee), the Medical Provider name, the information that was requested (i.e., all hospital records, abstract, billing, etc.), the Status Date and the Follow Up Date. Furthermore, you can ‘Subscribe’ to this report and have it sent to you like clockwork on a schedule you choose. Having SmartAdvocate email this report to you not only shows you which cases you have to do follow up on, but also serves as a reminder that you need to do the follow up in the first place.

The Medical Records Requests (External) Dashboard is similar to the Medical Records Request Report, except of course, the Dashboards do not have the ‘subscribe’ feature and you can ‘work’ from the Dashboard. The Report is just that – a report. The Dashboard on the other hand not only gives you a list of cases (and an extra column that indicates whether an invoice was received), but it also allows the additional flexibility of filtering your search results by any of the columns and gives you the option of regenerating a new request right from the dashboard results.

Taking full advantage of the Medical Records Request Report and the External Medical Requests Dashboard will finally allow the Medical Records Department staff to get a handle on an area of the PI practice that has traditionally caused a great deal of angst.