Email Marketing through SmartAdvocate

What’s more important – Quantity or Quality?

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been asked this very question by almost every client. Now, with SmartAdvocate you don’t have to choose. You can create email templates and use our mass email generation tool to send out your marketing campaigns.

There are over 144 billion emails sent each and every day and you need to develop a strategy that successfully gets your email clicked. Email marketing is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to send your message to your clients. Contacting your clients encourages customer loyalty, repeat business and helps you acquire new clients.

Many firms and companies spend significant sums for mass e-mail marketing programs. With SmartAdvocate, you no longer have to do so; it’s built right in!

SmartAdvocate has created an admin page to facilitate creating your email templates. You are able to personalize the email with your client’s information, such as name, case number and staff member assigned to the case. There are also several other placeholders for more information that can be merged from data residing within SmartAdvocate.

Next, the subject line is very import for grabbing the reader’s attention. You have two options. It can either be very long to promote clicks and receive responses or kept short if you want many opens and views. Once you have your email template ready, you can use the mass update tool in the case browse search results page to generate your email to the group you have selected.

Once on the Mass Send Email page, you will be allowed to add any attachments you wish your reader to review and you can even include a personalized signature. SmartAdvocate also allows you to cc or bcc yourself and choose the level of importance.

You should also think about when your email will be read. 8:00 pm to midnight is the time of day that receives the best open rates. Weekends are also a good time for getting your email viewed amidst the sea of emails sent to your clients. You should also think about how your clients will be viewing your firm’s emails. Almost more than half of the emails sent are opened by a mobile device. Make sure you take into account a simplified email design and enlarged font size. Also make sure any links within the email are easily clickable and displayed in the middle of the screen.

Since SmartAdvocate makes it easy for you to keep up your “marketing game”, you no longer need to choose – quality or quantity – have ’em both.