Doing The Column Heading Shuffle

Have you ever wished you could alter the order or contents of column headers in a panel or dashboard table while working in SmartAdvocate?

We all like to customize things to make them more personal to us. Whether rearranging data to optimize a table’s physical layout, increase its visual appeal or facilitate a meaningful analysis, customization always impacts productivity in a positive way. People will work faster and better, not to mention smarter, when they contribute to a process in a purposeful way and SmartAdvocate’s is there helping.

Did you know that column headings can be easily and quickly rearranged in SmartAdvocate? You don’t have to be stuck with the default order of column headings in a web page table because those headings can be conveniently ordered or rearranged to suit your work preferences or project needs. Here’s how:

Column headings in SmartAdvocate always have a light blue or baby blue background color. While not all column headings are capable of being transposed, you can easily determine which ones can be moved or rearranged by simply rolling your mouse over the suspect heading. If your mouse cursor changes to another icon you can reposition that heading. In the Windows default scheme, the cursor will change from an “arrow” to a “hand” icon but yours may be different.

Once you know that the column headings are capable of being moved all you need do is to left click and hold on the column heading and then drag the header to its new position. You will always know where the header will be placed when you release the mouse button by the location of two small white arrows straddling the column heading bar which function as a placeholder. Move as many or as few headings as you desire until you are satisfied with their final placement. You can begin your table with case names or of case numbers or any of the other column headings. Any changes you make will only be reflected on your individual workstation and are not passed on to any other users. And you can always undo any changes you have made.

Now that you know how easily column headings can be rearranged, what about removing them from view on the active screen? Once again SmartAdvocate has you covered. In the bottom lower right hand corner of select screens you will find a button titled “Show/Hide Columns.” By way of example you can find a representative button on an individual case file’s “Documents” screen.

Choosing or pressing the button opens a small panel titled “Field Chooser” which functions just like a clipboard. Instead of moving column headings to another spot on the column heading bar you can effectively remove them from view by dragging them here for safekeeping. They will never be deleted and will available here for your use should you ever want to reinstall them at a later date time.

This feature can prove to be especially useful when it comes to exporting data. SmartAdvocate data can be exported to Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word formats. Because the order of the column headings is maintained when the document is exported you do not have to alter column headings a second time, unless you want to.

Try it for youself and see how flexible SmartAdvocate can be. You’ll be glad that you have chosen SmartAdvocate as your Case Management Sofware.