Why Your Firm Needs Cloud Based Legal Case Management Software

SmartAdvocate Offers Cloud and Server-based Solutions For Your Law Firm

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Cloud Based Legal Case Management Software FAQs

Is the SmartAdvocate legal case management software cloud-based or server-based?

Since SmartAdvocate is a fully browser-based system, law firms can actually choose between a cloud or a server-based version. The cloud-version can be a more cost-effective way to get Smart Advocate particularly for the smaller firms because there is no need to purchase and maintain expensive on-site servers. Some of our clients already have servers and it's just something that they prefer to do so we have that option as well. All critical data remains in-house with no third-party involvement at all. The client's I.T. is then in charge of keeping all the control over maintenance security. Both options server or cloud have the same access to SmartAdvocates so there is no difference to the system based on how the back end is run. The best part is, along with the smart advocate app, customers have access to this system from virtually anywhere.

What type of lawyers use case management software?

SmartAdvocate was initially designed for personal injury and mass tort litigation firms but over the past two decades we have really expanded to include a wide range of firms that specialize in things like workers comp, family law, criminal defense, fraud cases and many other areas of concentration. SmartAdvocate is a customizable case management solution system and we make it work the way the clients want it to work so the type of practice is actually secondary to us.