What is Legal Case Management Software?

Understanding Why Legal Case Management Software Is So Important

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Legal Case Management Software FAQs

In general, what software do law firms use?

My name is Allison Rampola and I am the vice president of sales and marketing at SmartAdvocate.

So depending on the type of practice, there are many different kinds of software that a law firm might use. The most common ones are the Microsoft suite of products like Outlook, Word and Excel and then of course there is case management, practice management software, time and billing, legal calendaring, medical record retrieval, document scanning, client management, accounting intake management, marketing automation like texting, e-signature and many more that i'm not mentioning.

What is legal case management?

Legal case management can be defined as just taking a proactive and organized approach to handling a case. This includes both the tools and the techniques that are really necessary for a firm to be able to handle the cases from beginning to end. A perfect example of that is, let's just say you're a personal engineering firm that concentrates on auto accidents. This should really just be a road map or a foundation that they should have set so that when all cases come in it can be followed from beginning to end. This type of case management if it's done right, really helps to enhance the firm's ability to become more profitable, efficient and to better service clients.

What is legal case management software?

Legal case management software is a productivity tool that really helps to keep legal documents, reports and cases in order. For a law firm, any case management software should include tools like record keeping, billing and bookkeeping, schedules and appointment keeping. Legal software should be able to track critical deadlines and keep all the documents and files associated within the case together. By investing in the right legal case software firms can really increase their efficiency, help with collaboration and in turn provide an optimal experience for their employees and clients.