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SmartAdvocate® Chosen by Stanley Law After Exhaustive Search

SmartAdvocate® LLC announces that The Stanley Law Offices, based in Syracuse, New York, has chosen SmartAdvocate® to be its case management software system. The firm focuses on personal injury, medical malpractice, and social security disability, among other topics of litigation. “After a comprehensive search, our office chose SmartAdvocate® for our case management needs,” said Jessica M. Rurey, a Paralegal at The Stanley Law Office. “It is a program designed by attorneys, specifically for personal injury litigation practices. It met our specific needs like no other program available. In fact, when we saw a demo of SmartAdvocate® we didn’t think it was real as no other software we reviewed looked anything like it!”

CallFire Partners with Smart Advocate® to Provide Text Messaging to Law Firms

CallFire, Inc., the cloud-based text and voice platform that helps organizations engage with their target audiences, today announced its partnership with SmartAdvocate®, a case management software program designed for personal injury and mass tort law firms. The integration allows law firms leveraging SmartAdvocate® to implement cost-effective texting solutions for client contact. “We’re excited to combine our powerful texting solution with SmartAdvocate®’s comprehensive personal injury case management software,” said Brooke Temple, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at CallFire. “The integration will benefit many firms who use SmartAdvocate®’s platform for efficient, streamlined client communications. It also demonstrates the versatility of text messaging across a wide variety of industries.”

Keep a Handle on Your Firm’s Client Contact Frequencies

How can I see which of our clients have not been contacted or have not been contacted within ‘X’ days? We can all agree that contacting your clients regularly is critical in keeping them happy, and a must to foster goodwill for your firm. We all hate to get that phone call (or a visit) from an irate client who complains that nobody calls them back and they don’t know what’s going on with their case. So, how do you ensure no one slips through the cracks?  To assure efficiency, your case management system must have features to help you keep a handle on your client contact frequencies. For full oversight, management should be able to generate a report to monitor that all procedures and protocols for client contact are being followed. Client Contact Overdue Dashboard and Reports: Easily monitor client contact With SmartAdvocate, you never have to worry about a client slipping through the cracks.  In the Client Contact Overdue Dashboard, you will be able to see if whether the…

Enhance Your Intake Process

Treat your intake process as the lifeline of your law firm Increasing intake capabilities allows your firm to increase your caseload, therefore increasing overall business and your bottom line. Looking at it in this perspective, your intake process is what breathes oxygen and life into your law firm. Optimizing the intake procedure for your staff and simplifying it for your prospects is the foundation of best practices in enhancing your intake process.   Regardless of the size of your law firm, the new case intake process is essential. As the first direct communication with potential clients, the intake process can make or break the likelihood of a prospect retaining your firm. From the initial conversation, to all follow up communications, and ultimately to their signing on as a new client – your law firm needs the proper tools to help increase the volume of cases you can accept, while also improving and maintaining the highest quality client experience.   The SmartAdvocate app, available for iOS and Android devices, allows you…

Establish Follow-Up Protocols

While the past year has brought on many changes within the legal industry, the expectation for great client services has remained a constant. Whether you are a solo practice or have a whole team of intake specialists conducting follow ups, the communication you send out to potential clients is critical. It is a factor as to whether they will sign on, refer you to others, and remember you again if they need a lawyer in the future. In a primarily remote world, the standard of correspondence that you engage in with potential clients has heightened. Without in-person meetings, those calls, texts, and emails are even more important to establish relationships. To ensure your clients receive an experience you can be proud of, establish follow-up protocols for your firm to follow. How many touchpoints of each method will you use daily? What contact methods will you prioritize to follow up with leads? How long will you engage with a lead before closing it out? Answering these questions will solidify the standard…