Legal Case Management Software: What it Does and How it Can Help You

The best legal case management software can be counted on to help make your job easier and your firm more productive. SmartAdvocate exists to make your firm more efficient and profitable, but what is case management software, and how does it help law firms like yours?

What Is Case Management Software?

Case management software is a productivity tool that keeps legal documents, reports, and cases in order for a law firm. SmartAdvocate’s case management software provides features that make it easy for lawyers to pursue their cases effectively, communicate efficiently, and even manage things like sliding-scale fees, marketing campaigns, and referrals.

What Does Case Management Software Do?

The purpose of legal case management software like SmartAdvocate is to organize your systems to make your firm more efficient and profitable. A wide variety of features help you keep track of case information, such as barcoded document management, automated workflows, and email and text messaging tools. These features are customizable and can be organized by case, individual, or department. The best law firm case management software complements how you work. At SmartAdvocate, we know that your clients depend on you, so you can depend on our powerful software to help you to work hard for them.

What Is Integrated Case Management?

Integrated case management (ICM) in the context of a case management system for lawyers is an approach that allows for effective communication and exchanges of information between staff members at a law firm, lawyers and their clients, and attorneys and the different types of software they rely on in the course of their work.

What Is an ICMS System?

ICMS is short for "integrated case management system." An ICMS can be a cloud-based or server-based solution created to support lawyers and help them to manage their caseloads. A top legal case management system will help lawyers improve their efficiency while providing clients the best possible help.

What Is the Best Legal Case Management Software?

SmartAdvocate is the acknowledged leader, providing a legal case management system trusted by numerous personal injury, mass tort, and litigation law firms to help them manage and organize documents, juggle schedules and deadlines, and communicate with all parties involved in each case. With features no other case management system can match, SmartAdvocate helps your firm to become more efficient and more profitable. It is no wonder that we have been named the best of the best by voters in the New York Law Journal and New Jersey Law Journal surveys for four years running as well as having earned accolades from CIOReview and the readers of Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

What Software Do Law Firms Use?

Law firms use a variety of different types of software, such as Outlook, Word, and Excel, as well as other vendors to provide services such as texting, e-signing, intake, and more. The best case management software for attorneys will integrate seamlessly with all of these other tools to create one fully functional productivity solution.

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