Times Have Changed... Some Staff is in the Office, Some Staff is Remote. How is a Law Firm Supposed to Manage Them All?

We have surpassed the 2 year-mark since the onset of the pandemic and, along with the numerous ways our personal lives have changed, business dynamics too have changed dramatically.


What Does This Mean In Regards To The Practice Of Law?


COVID has accelerated the adoption of technological behaviors, like the necessity of automating law firms with legal case management software. Firms have realized that it is commonplace to have some, most, or all of their staff working remotely at any given time. In order for a firm to remain successful and competitive, their staff needs the ability to access critical case files and calendars, generate mass communications and more, to continue overall workflow. These automated workflows can help to save everyone time at all stages of a case.

Benefits Of Implementing A Legal Case Management System

  • Cloud vs. Server

    With the Cloud, having a browser-based system provides firms with the flexibility to be out of the office and still be able to securely access their caseload. Many law firms have switched from server-based solutions to Cloud-based (SaaS), so that staff can continue to work seamlessly, despite not being together.

  • Calendaring

    The key to calendaring when working remotely, is the ability to centralize everything, all in one location and keeping track of schedules and staff can become challenging. Ideally, having an office calendar and case calendars in one system enables coordination with colleagues, all following along with appointments, critical deadlines and SOLs.

  • Communication

    Law firm colleagues are certainly not communicating with each other, or their clients, the way they did before 2020. A legal case management system can fill in the gaps and allow for seamless communication. Tools like a dynamic Client Portal to connect with clients, and e-signature and texting functionalities have become a necessity to track and manage all correspondences. The ability to select a case and browse through all communication saves time and maintains strong connections.

  • Dashboards & Reports

    When handling cases and leads remotely, a firm that can access dashboards for critical deadlines, medical requests, outstanding items and staff activity reports provide resources for staff to accomplish their job faster and with greater accuracy.

The Answer Is Easier Than You Think

When looking for a case management solution that provides all these essential checklist items, SmartAdvocate is your answer. From secure remote access, to automation, dynamic scheduling capabilities, enhanced communication tools, and dozens of dashboards and reports, SmartAdvocate delivers.


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