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Save Time & Money Using SmartAdvocate As Your Case Management Software for Workplace Injury

Battling the overwhelming financial power of a business or institution on behalf of an injured client tests not only a law firm's advocacy skills but its attorneys' efficiency and workflow as well. Legal documents for a single case can quickly get out of control, and managing paperwork is only one element in a complex case. Lawyers also need to secure expert testimony, plus work and communicate with those experts throughout the process, coordinate with in-office staff, and manage medical data, not to mention keeping the client informed along the way.

The Tools You Need To Increase Efficiency

Using our case management software for worker’s comp cannot add hours to the clock, but compared to using SmartAdvocate, it might seem like it does. This powerful tool can reduce the burden of busywork, allow for effortless communication with individuals both in and out of the office, and proactively lighten a firm's workload through automation. Our occupational injury case management tools can even help firms make informed marketing investments.

Top Workers' Compensation Case Management Software

  • Get Your Occupational Injury Firm Organized With SmartAdvocate’s Case Management Tools

    SmartAdvocate includes exceptional tools for document uploading, scanning, and downloading as well as sorting, filing, and retrieval. Barcode scanning helps you sort documents as they enter the system and makes searches vastly easier. Windows Office Suite integration makes creation of new documents even easier with customizable templates created from your existing documents and forms. Documents attached to emails in Outlook can quickly and easily move to relevant case files. With a few clicks through an easy-to-use interface, you can access the information you need in seconds.

  • Procure and Track Your Medical and Insurance Documentation

    Working with doctors, insurers, and medical document services is an essential element of workplace injury case management, but it does not have to be an overwhelming one. SmartAdvocate includes several features designed to help users not only initiate but also track and complete medical documentation requests and other common tasks. Automated follow-ups prevent users from wasting time when a third party fails to respond in a timely manner, plus users can easily see the status of every pending request. The All Insurance page also keeps your team updated on all of the carrier information, including adjusters, policy limits, and more.

  • Communicate In and Out of the Office With Ease

    Great occupational injury case management software does not just support work on individual cases, it also improves communication. One of the best examples of this is SmartAdvocate's legal calendar feature. Not only can individual users manage their schedules, but team members with permissions can also access and update critical meetings, court dates, and more. The system also tracks who makes any changes, so everyone knows who to ask if there are questions on a particular case. 

    With SmartAdvocate workers' comp case management software, you can ensure that leaving the office does not leave you out of the loop. Our case management software for workers' compensation integrates with our free apps for iOS and Android, transforming how team members can contribute while out of the office. It allows you to continue to update calendars, easily access critical case documents, send emails and texts, and create new cases anywhere you can access the internet.

  • When Every Minute Counts, WorkPlans Can Help

    Saving time is a critical element in a firm's growth and success. Even with a full team of assistants and secretaries, attorneys may struggle to handle all of the tasks required to get the job done. Since work speed is directly connected to a firm's caseload capacity, it can be one of the biggest obstacles to growing law firms. Implementing automation, however, can give back valuable minutes, which were previously spent on routine tasks, so you and your staff will spend less time on process management and more time on producing results.

    SmartAdvocate's exclusive WorkPlans feature blends automation tools with a familiar checklist layout. It boosts overall efficiency by effortlessly moving users between prioritized tasks to handle busywork for you. Automated features can include everything from text and email reminders to clients or expert witnesses to creating documents based on events in a case. The system also eases document filing, retrieval, and organization.

  • Make Your Marketing Campaigns Work Smarter

    Although marketing is an essential part of any legal practice, it often feels like a distraction from essential tasks and requires additional expenses for analytics and review. Imagine if your workers' comp case management software could track intake and income from marketing campaigns, gathering data automatically and offering insights on the return on your marketing investment. With SmartAdvocate, this is all possible.

  • See How Our Case Management Software Can Help Your Workers' Compensation Firm

    At SmartAdvocate, we know that sometimes seeing is believing, and that is why we are glad to give you a free demo of our powerful productivity tools for law firms. Contact us today and we will show you what SmartAdvocate can do and answer your questions about how it can best work for your firm. Whether you opt for a Cloud or Server solution, our feature-rich, easy-to-use software is sure to help bolster your productivity.

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