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Track and Organize Complex Family Law Cases With Our Case Management Software

While there is no such thing as a lawsuit with little paperwork, family law tends to generate even more than most types of cases. Attorneys often have to contend with a couple's struggles as well as proving their client's case in regard to the welfare of any children involved. With good family law case management software, however, you can tame the paper flood to keep all of your cases organized and on track. SmartAdvocate removes everyday hurdles that slow down the progress of a case, from document entry and management, to robust calendaring, Automated Procedures, and more.

The Tools You Need for Heightened Efficiency

This powerful software solution provides a barcode scanning system to make documents easier to find and easier to file. The Microsoft Office Suite integration saves even more time: SmartAdvocate can pull attached documents from tagged emails directly into the case file to which they pertain. With over 100 additional integrations, you can tailor your SmartAdvocate system to achieve exactly what your practice needs.

SmartAdvocate's case management system provides summary pages for lawyers who need all the facts quickly to update clients or other team members. The Outstanding Items page helps associates prioritize and handle casework efficiently. These organizational and tracking tools are only a few of SmartAdvocate's best features.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use System for Your Family Law Firm

  • Get a Case Management System That Fits Your Family Law Firm

    SmartAdvocate is available in both Cloud and Server versions to suit any law firm's needs. Small firms on the rise can use SmartAdvocate Cloud's scalability to accommodate new team members and larger caseloads. Built-in security and a lack of secondary IT and server maintenance fees help take the pressure off a firm's budget without compromising any of the system's top features.

    For firms with their own on-site servers or an arrangement with a third party, SmartAdvocate Server provides a top family law case management system for a higher initial cost but low ongoing support and maintenance cost. Our team is still available for support, but clients have everything they need up front.

    We're well aware that customization can enhance even the best products, so in addition to customizable options in the base program, our team is happy to discuss customizable reports, documents, and more. We'll tailor a solution to your needs, enabling you to get the most functionality out of our software.

    SmartAdvocate users can download our free app for iOS or Android devices, making it easy to update calendars with new court dates or appointments, review case files, and take advantage of email and text integration tools while in the field. A lawyer outside the office can even enter a new case into the system from any device connected to the internet.

  • Trust SmartAdvocate to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

    Instead of spending more money on analytics tools for marketing campaign results, SmartAdvocate users can enjoy built-in tracking specifically designed to report on advertising results and intake. With just a few clicks, users can quickly determine not only which campaigns bring in more clients but which procure the highest fees. Determining profit vs. investment ratios becomes dramatically simpler, and no additional software or subscription costs are required.

  • Enhance Communication With SmartAdvocate's Tools

    Even when a firm's employees share a relatively small office, communication can quickly become tangled. Individual calendars create confusion, and missing a single announcement can have catastrophic results. When lawyers and attorneys team up with personal assistants, secretaries, private investigators, and doctors, the problem can grow exponentially.

    SmartAdvocate keeps your office on track with its clearly and truly universal office calendar. With permissions, team members can quickly access each other's calendars, case files, and other essential features. Any notes or changes they make appear under their name. Follow-up and clarification become vastly easier when an employee knows who made a particular change.

    Integrated text and email functionality can enhance both in- and out-of-office communication. The software hides a user's private phone number while allowing them to easily send texts directly through the system. Reminders help with follow-up to essential third parties, and all the necessary tools to do so are already at the user's fingertips in our family law case management system.

  • Automate Routine Tasks for Efficiency

    Any task an attorney doesn't have to do is precious time saved. SmartAdvocate features a number of automated processes to boost time management and improve efficiency at any kind of law firm. WorkPlans, a favorite feature for many clients, blends a checklist function with automation to speed up daily tasks and move users through routines as quickly and efficiently as possible. Automated features can handle the busywork by providing automatic reminders, filing documents attached to emails to the correct cases, sending texts and emails to clients, and much more.

    SmartAdvocate is family law case management software that works for the user.

  • Take Your Family Law Firm's Efficiency to the Next Level

    With SmartAdvocate, you can get more done and boost profitability.

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