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The Perfect Choice for Legal Case Management Software


SmartAdvocate is the best option on the market for personal injury attorney case management software

You'll be able to manage clients' cases through every step of the relationship with your firm using our litigation case management system. SmartAdvocate's Statuses and Sub-Statuses feature allows users to view the progress of every file in their caseload, from pre-signing to pre-litigation, discovery, trial, and post-trial. Combine this with the powerful Intake Case Wizard and you have the best case management system for personal injury lawyers.


Software Technology That Increases Profitability

Loaded with features, capabilities, and reports that other legal case management systems do not have, SmartAdvocate is litigation case management software on steroids. SmartAdvocate legal management software can reduce busywork, making employees more efficient, and giving you better control over your practice and legal files. Case management software creates increased efficiency and improved productivity and therefore greater profitability.

The Case Management Software Designed By and For Personal Injury Lawyers

  • Never Forget Another Appointment or Deadline Again

    There are various features in SmartAdvocate to ensure you are up to date and never miss an appointment. Automatic reminders to staff or clients can be triggered at certain points in the case. Detailed calendars of staff and cases allows for an at-a-glance view of who is where and when. Reports, such as the Who is Where Tomorrow, serves as a reminder at the end of each day for what appointments you should anticipate for the following day. 

  • Bolster Efficiency With SmartAdvocate's WorkPlans

    SmartAdvocate is loaded with features to minimize redundancies and increase efficiency, which will lead to greater profitability for your firm. Created by attorneys like you, our personal injury and litigation law firm case management software has everything your firm needs to maximize productivity, starting with a variety of automation tools to help you take care of routine tasks. Automated tasks, texts, emails, and document generation can help streamline your workload and processes. It is simple to create your own automated tasks by selecting from a list of triggers.

  • Customize the Best Personal Injury Case Management Software for Your Needs

    Our software caters specifically to your firm's needs with an expansive range of dashboards, reports, and tools to help you upload, create, and track critical case information. From financial documents to medical record requests and overdue client contacts, SmartAdvocate can help you monitor everything you need and access it all through an easy-to-use interface. Keep on top of statutes of limitations, manage referrals, and track documentation through the discovery process. With SmartAdvocate, it is easy to find, schedule, document, and track everything you need to keep your cases progressing smoothly. If you don't see a dashboard or report that suits your needs, don't worry: We can create one specifically for you. We continually work to make our top-rated case management software even better.

  • Keep Your Clients Informed With a Secure Portal

    Save time and resources by using SmartAdvocate's Client Portal to ensure that each client is kept well-informed about the progress of their case. The Client Portal can be customized by you, so you control exactly what clients see. By providing clients access to this portal, your staff has more time to concentrate on other matters.

  • Track Case Progress

    SmartAdvocate allows you to track each step of a case's progression, outlining what has been accomplished, what needs to be done, and what is outstanding at a glance. Details such as where each case is in the litigation process, the last time the client was contacted, and the current diagnosis/severity of their injuries, are available so you know exactly where each case stands in a moment's notice.

  • Personal Injury Case Management Software That Goes Where You Go

    Both our Cloud and Server versions provide access to the best case management software anywhere you have internet access through our free SmartAdvocate app. Whether you are at the office, at home, or on the go, your documents, notes, and appointments are only a few taps away.

  • Optimize Your Intake Process

    SmartAdvocate makes your intake process more efficient and effective. Quickly and easily create new cases in Case Wizard, which runs an automatic conflict-of-interest check. With the mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, your staff can input new cases from almost anywhere. Plus, you can easily track where your cases are coming from right within SmartAdvocate.

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    From marketing and handling insurers to managing funding and court calendars, our innovative case management software has everything needed to make your law firm better organized and more efficient. Whether you opt for a cloud-based or server-based solution, SmartAdvocate can make your life easier, and we are glad to show you how.

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