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Growing Criminal Defense Firms Need the Top Case Management Softwar

Lawyers often find that there is never enough time in the day, and many work far beyond a typical 40-hour work week. A growing firm may even find that the demand for their services outstrips the available time to take on new cases. If this sounds familiar, SmartAdvocate can help. Our criminal law case management software streamlines complex tasks and bears the brunt of time-consuming document organization and tracking work, keeping the information you need at your fingertips without drowning you in files.

Employ Tools That Improve Efficiency and Save You Time

By employing a scalable system with a blend of automated features and integrated tools, SmartAdvocate helps criminal defense teams gain time and superior control over essential case information. As the time required for individual case labor drops, more hours become available for new clients. When you keep track of all of the moving parts in criminal litigation with advanced criminal case management tools, you can boost profitability and maybe even sneak in a bit more off-the-clock time.


Strong Matter Management

  • Check for ethical and business conflicts of interests.

  • Secure control over matter specifics of every case: name, billing numbers, and billable rates.

  • Consolidate information in one central place when firms or systems merge.

  • Securely connect with clients or collaborate with co-counsel with dedicated Portals.

  • Set up new lines of businesses quickly and monitor each phase of every case with robust reporting.

  • Automate workflow for a higher value of practice with streamlined task management.

Efficient Case Management

  • Manage large teams of lawyers internally or at different firms with dynamic legal calendaring as well as contact and email management.

  • Use one secure data repository for storing all legacy and new case data, decreasing costs and increasing efficiency.

  • Comprehensive document management, template generation, and secure document libra

  • Deep search capabilities for exhibits, transcripts, expert profiles, expert testimony, pleadings, medical records, and other case documents.

  • Ensure secure access to case files 24/7 and on the go with SmartAdvocate Client – the mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices.

  • Simplify communication by centralizing contact information and the ability to connect with not only clients, but other groups of contacts including attorneys, judges, adjusters, etc.


Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Damon Pendleton
Damon Pendleton
Christina Pendleton & Associates

"The robust reporting functions and the dashboards that are built into this software are valuable tools that are worth the price of admission.... With SmartAdvocate all the information is right there at your fingertips..."

Brian Dunn
Brian Dunn
Commonwealth Law Group

"SmartAdvocate gives you a competitive advantage over the other personal injury law firms in your market. Just the reporting alone is worth 10 times the price!!"

Norma Fuentes
Norma Fuentes
Gacovino Lake

"With all the CRM programs out there, what makes SmartAdvocate so special? Well, I would say that it is because of all their customizable capabilities and features..."

Jeffrey A. Mitchell
Jeffrey A. Mitchell
The Cochran Firm - New Orleans

"I spent many months researching case management software after spending several years with a very expensive and bad program. Ultimately, I decided on Smart Advocate..."

Michael P. McCready
Michael P. McCready
McCready, Garcia and Leet, P.C.

"You guys are the best. I can’t begin to tell you how terrific your program is. I love to show my colleagues how I now manage my cases..."

Build Up Your Defense Practice with SmartAdvocate

  • Let Your Criminal Case Management System Handle the Busywork

    Automation reduces labor and frees top talent for essential research and investigation. SmartAdvocate's criminal case management software features a range of automated tools and functions to cut out the office middleman and streamline workflow. Specific events in a case can trigger emails, texts, reminders, or even document creation without a single click from the user. The system moves cases forward by shouldering nearly all of a firm's day-to-day case-related busywork.

  • Get More Done With Exclusive Tools

    Good criminal defense case management software is more than document storage. SmartAdvocate's exclusive features enhance users' speed, follow-up, and reach.  WorkPlans, SmartAdvocate's automated checklist feature, moves users from task to task, streamlining performance and cutting out unnecessary steps. Customizable dashboards bring everything together so attorneys do not have to reinvent their unique workflows with SmartAdvocate.

    Specialized pages like the Outstanding Items page attached to each case can help attorneys see exactly what needs to be done for each client. A Special Funding feature automates requests for client funding and compiling of documents and applications on behalf of the user with a single click.

    When attorneys use SmartAdvocate to juggle multiple clients as part of a heavy caseload, they don't have to worry about dropping the ball; they can get all of the details they need to catch up on a case's developments with a single Case Summary page. It showcases the case's current status and provides the professional tools and reminders needed for whatever the next step in the process may be.

  • Keep Everyone on the Same Page With Your Criminal Case Management System

    Our software's advanced communication features and cooperative tools can save you time, money, and costly miscommunications and oversights. SmartAdvocate's design keeps these essential tools within easy reach, so you can communicate directly with other staff, clients, insurers, and more via text and email without interrupting workflow. The system protects the user's private cell phone number when sending texts, and third-party Microsoft integration simplifies email tasks. With automated settings, the system can download and sort documents into relevant case files, keeping everything organized for easy access.

    SmartAdvocate's mobile app keeps teams connected in the field and removes time-wasting steps between recording field notes and uploading information or new cases to your criminal case management system. Meanwhile, in the office, team members with special permissions can easily access other members’ cases to update legal calendars and review documents. Any changes appear under the name of the person making the change to avoid confusion and enable easy follow-up with questions, concerns, or corrections. A team can even share a calendar, creating a truly accessible, office-wide legal calendar.

  • Criminal Defense Case Management Software That Helps You Get New Clients

    The best case management software offers much more than simplified workflows and improved communication. SmartAdvocate also gives marketing an essential boost through intake tracking and detailed information pertaining to individual marketing campaigns, new client sources, and more. Best of all, the system automatically reveals the return on investment for specific efforts. It's easier than ever to see where your money is coming from and which marketing campaigns are worth pushing to maximize profit. Thanks to SmartAdvocate's integrated financial features, you can see not only how many clients a campaign brought in but how much your firm earned from final fees and awards.

  • Get a Free Demo of SmartAdvocate Today

    A successful law firm depends on the efficiency and accuracy of its tools to grow and thrive, and on both fronts, SmartAdvocate delivers. 

    Contact us today for a free demo of SmartAdvocate to see for yourself how our case management system can benefit your law firm. Whether you choose a cloud or server solution, you'll get powerful tools to bolster productivity. You can also take advantage of customizable options and third-party integrations to take your workflows to the next level. Contact us today and let us show you how SmartAdvocate can work for you.

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