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The Perfect Choice for Legal Case Management Software


Keep on Top of Developments With Our Fraud Case Management Solutions

Lawsuits revolve around documentation, and managing endless witness statements, health records, test results, expert opinions, and legal documents can quickly get out of hand without powerful fraud case management solutions. SmartAdvocate's legal document linking system helps maintain order as a case progresses and the list of essential documents grows.

SmartAdvocate allows you to easily track and sort documents with barcode scanning, mass-assemble new documents in custom forms with a few clicks, and use specialized screens to handle different case types, switching between a fraud case and a personal injury case to answer a client's questions with ease. You'll get a full summary on a single screen, complete with alerts, reminders, and immediate access to essential features like email, funding queries, and even texting.


Fraud Case Management Software to Improve Your Practice

With SmartAdvocate fraud case management solutions, you'll have all the tools you need to manage your firm's daily workflow. Improve efficiency with automated features, intuitive dashboards, customized forms, and other essential tools. You'll have all of the information you need for each case at your fingertips in one streamlined, user-friendly interface.

The Case Management Software Designed By and For Personal Injury Lawyers

The Perfect Choice for Fraud Case Management Software

  • Manage Medical Records, From Requests to Receivals

    It's much easier to keep up to date with medical record requests and retrievals, as SmartAdvocate takes the stress out of working with doctors and medical record services with tracking tools, reminders, and injury forms. You'll be able to keep notes and injury lists together with medical reports and testimony for seamless integration and rapid access.

  • Streamline Communication With a Fraud Case Management System

    SmartAdvocate provides communication solutions for your firm, your clients, your expert witnesses, and medical professionals. You can send texts straight from your fraud case management software without compromising your private cell phone number. Extensive third-party integrations boost efficiency through popular tools like Outlook. You can also send emails effortlessly with automated processes and save attachments directly to relevant cases.

    You'll also improve staff collaboration with SmartAdvocate's cooperative features. Exclusive permissions help teams work together more effectively and securely access other staff members' tasks, appointments, notes, and more without adding to office chaos. Any changes someone makes appear under their name for clarity, keeping everyone on the same page and same schedule with fewer delays and busywork.

  • Let Your Case Management Software Do the Busywork

    Automated tools make SmartAdvocate's WorkPlans a cross between the ultimate checklist and a mind-reading PA. This system can follow up with clients for you through automated emails and text reminders, handle repeated tasks, and even perform actions based on updates in a case. Top attorneys' time is precious, and WorkPlans's automated features can step up to claim the busywork. A heavy caseload surrounding a class-action fraud lawsuit can be overwhelming, but with small but essential tasks removed from the daily schedule, lawyers and their teams have more time to develop arguments and investigate leads.

  • Can Your Fraud Case Management Software Handle Marketing and Intake?

    Our software can do more for your marketing team than you may expect. SmartAdvocate helps firms invest wisely in new marketing strategies by tracking the return on previous campaigns. By linking case intake with individual sources, SmartAdvocate can reveal which marketing ventures generated the most profit not only in the number of new cases but also the firm's final fee totals.

    SmartAdvocate's Case Wizard simplifies new cases with a conflict-of-interest check, and staff in the field can upload new cases via mobile devices with the Investigator's App. Integration features also enable seamless intake from call centers, online chat tools, email campaigns, and more. Once these cases are in your system, the Case Monitor Widget keeps all new externally entered cases organized and updated on your desktop.

  • Case Management Software Customized for Your Firm

    Not only does SmartAdvocate's WorkPlans feature cut down on general busywork, but it conforms to your unique needs and work style. We also offer customized document templates and reports. Work your way with familiar layouts and systems and save precious minutes and hours with SmartAdvocate's document linking, tracking, and automation. Use dashboards that provide what you need, like deadline reminders, links to essential documents, and rapid communication tools, and nothing you don't.

    The best fraud case management system accommodates your workflow. You can customize automated processes yourself or speak with our team to design the perfect workflow system for your office.

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