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Legal Case Management Software for Small Firms FAQs

I have a small law firm, how many users do I have to have for SmartAdvocate?

SmartAdvocate has built in dozens of reports and dashboard tools to help our firms track all of their critical case information from financial documents, medical record requests and overdue client contacts. We have really helped our clients be able to monitor everything that they need our clients with our reports and dashboards can stay on top of things like statute of limitations, manage referrals and track documentation throughout their entire discovery process. What is also great is that, if the client has a specific dashboard or report in mind that they think is better going to suit their needs we have SmartAdvocate team members that can actually create that layout for them. And last but not least, my favorite part of the SmartAdvocate dashboards and reporting is that you can automatically subscribe to them. They will be sent at a date and time of your choosing and emailed automatically to you. I love nothing better when I come in on Monday morning I log into one place and automatically I know how many leads I have, how many cases I have to follow up on, how my advertisement campaigns are doing, all staff activity reports and a full calendar view for the week. It is incredible and time efficient and orderly.

Tell me about the reports and dashboards in SmartAdvocate

Legal case management can be defined as just taking a proactive and organized approach to handling a case. This includes both the tools and the techniques that are really necessary for a firm to be able to handle the cases from beginning to end. A perfect example of that is, let's just say you're a personal engineering firm that concentrates on auto accidents. This should really just be a road map or a foundation that they should have set so that when all cases come in it can be followed from beginning to end. This type of case management if it's done right, really helps to enhance the firm's ability to become more profitable, efficient and to better service clients.

Can the software be customized to my needs?

Yes, so I've already talked a lot about customizable dashboard reports that can be used, document templates, work plans and automated procedures but there is a lot more that can be custom customized within SmartAdvocate. A good example is that clients can create their own user-defined fields to track information within a specific case type. We have key statuses that are fully customizable and a firm can create as many as they need. Case statuses that can be grouped into case stages like pre-signed, pre-litigation, litigation and then there's also our Intake Wizard which can be customized to whatever a client wants depending on what their practice is. Also within smart advocate virtually all of the drop downs and the panels within SmartAdvocate are completely customizable to fit how each firm operates. It really is the most customizable case and document management solution available.