SmartAdvocate® is the most powerful, fully integrated case management system available. Initially designed by and for personal injury and mass tort litigation firms, SmartAdvocate® is now used by a wide range of litigation firms throughout the United States and Canada.

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Navigating Your Way to the Best Legal Customer Relations Software

Law firms everywhere are turning to professional software to ease customer relations. While there are many places to which professionals are turning, SmartAdvocate® is one of the top available options for personal injury litigation.

SmartAdvocate® was designed for attorneys by attorneys who understand the challenges that legal professionals face in terms of case management. This revolutionary software increases your profitability and efficiency. It allows you to manage personal injury files using the most advanced internet-based features that are not available with other case management systems. You can now store, track, manage, classify, and communicate in a manner that allows you the highest level of success.

SmartAdvocate® offers a myriad of benefits. Easily navigated and automatically filed, the screens you get with SmartAdvocate® are easy to read. You can click anywhere on the screen and a link will pop up with detailed information on the area. There are shortcuts in place for specific case files from the navigation bar. You can handle multiple cases with multiple relationships within each case be is multiple defense attorneys, multiple insurance companies, and multiple adjustors. When looking for alternative software the biggest opportunity afforded to you with SmartAdvocate® is being able to automatically forward copies of any document to clients and other attorneys via email. You are guaranteed access to all other matters with the click of a button.

Legal Customer Relations Competitors

SmartAdvocate® offers the functionality of the leading Legal Customer Relations software available on the market today, and much more.

Following are the major features of each of the competitors – most of these features were implemented and extended in SmartAdvocate®.

SmartAdvocate® is an ongoing evolving software – we constantly listen to our client’s  needs and release new needed features periodically.


While using the Needles® software, you will see a list of current information each day you enter into the program. This includes a daily checklist, email, and calendar items. You also get a central names directory which affords you the ability to search in over fourteen ways within the database to avoid conflicts and make any necessary changes. The calendar is internal and can be integrated with a Microsoft Outlook calendar so that you can view all of your appointments and those of your staff. In terms of email you have a mapi-compliant system which allows you to post your emails to the associated client case files. There is also an internal messaging system designated for staff communication. You can customize your case files with ten different customizable tabs or you can use the pre-set tabs for information such as party information, case information, notes, checklist, and documents.

This software provides conflict checking automatically. There is also statute tracking for individual or for multiple statute dates. You can set up warnings which will help you track the statutes you choose. There is todo listt which appears on the screen when you use the software that enables you to record completion of tasks, reassign tasks when employees are absent, create due dates, limitations dates, and use your own terminology and codes.

You can use notes to track anything and sort them by staff, topic, time or date. Document management offers a link to pleadings, diagrams, letters, or any other item in the case file. With the case status feature you can get a summary of a case on a single screen. The value tab allows you to track the costs and expenses related to any case with the ability to track payments, request checks, and run total cost reports. There are report capabilities including checklists, statutes of limitations, history, mailing label, marketing, management, and referring reports.


With SAGA you gain access to a calendar feature, an address book, email, a message center, as well as rule-based scheduling. You can use a document management system, document assembly, as well as generate notes and reports. You can also use SAGA to handle time and billing, conduct conflict searches, handle marketing, and integration. From the initial desktop view you can view your calendar and task list. You can customize your calendar and manage the calendars for your staff. The rule-based scheduling feature can automatically schedule the events that you must attend or documents you must complete prior to a date. For example, if you input a deposition date it will automatically generate the things you must execute prior to that date such as ordering the court reporter or confirming the deposition with every party. The address book has unlimited categories which you can use to organize your contacts.

There is an automatic dialer feature and you can record a multitude of mailing lists. Case management stores all information related to a case. Document management allows you to review all incoming and outgoing documents related to a case or filter out documents that you need. The document assembly feature allows you to assemble any legal document you need without having to cut and paste or fill-in blanks. There is a form library with about nine hundred forms you may need in the legal field.

While the SAGA software became obsolete, the SmartAdvocate®team will assist your company to migrate all of your information into our system to experience a smooth transition.


InsideView ® software offers a business solution for legal professionals that offers case management. You can use the calendar feature to optimize operations. You can maintain client relationships by automatically scheduling critical dates which are in accordance to court rules for your particular case. You can eliminate errors and manual calculations because court rules and holidays are automatically built into this software. You can customize and filter case related information and documents. You can track the involved parties and their documents and use the expert attorney support. You can write reports and track case notes all so that you can electronically file your documents on time.


TrialWorks™ offers remote workstation assistance that manages your documents. You get desktop support for all of your storage and virtual resources. Whether you are handling the initial intake or settling you need customized programming to fulfill the needs of your customers. With Trial Works case management software you can bring all of your legal documents together with trial materials, case information, communication, contacts, and costs. You can use an intake to be ready for trial. This software has a tab format. It creates legal documents and can import documents that you scan. You can keep a calendar for negotiations management, incident dates, trial dates, document due dates, and depositions. You can also keep track of medical records and requests. In the end you can use the settlement calculator.


AbacusLaw uses Smart Screens™ that give you the information you want for the specific type of matter you are working on. For instance, what you need on a personal injury matter screen is substantially different than what you need on a family law matter screen. AbacusLaw also uses a dynamic database system enabling you to add fields to your screens, extra databases to your matters and setup workflows for new types of matters. Your information is organized in the way that you need it to be, and accessible when and where you need it. For example: Criminal defense cases have a “Charges and Priors” extra database, Workers’ Compensation matters have an “Injuries and Claims” extra database, Civil Litigation cases have a “Facts and Exhibits” extra database

SaaS Clio®

SaaS Clio is a cloud based management system. With it you can store your documents and securely access electronic copies of file communications. You are ensured in a bank grade security of your sensitive client data. In addition you can track your time so as to ensure proper billing and recovery. You can streamline the process of billing clients so that you can have flexible and professionally looking invoices sent out automatically. You can maintain a calendar of your tasks which is collaborative with deadline management features. It is all web based which means you don’t have to install anything and you can access the information from any computer that has a modern browser.


RocketMatter® offers practice management that includes calendar features, timers, messaging, task tacking, Skype integration, as well as mobile access to the aforementioned. In terms of documents and data RocketMatter® brings your firm into the modern technological world by creating a paperless law office. You can integrate with Dropbox and Evernote and use it’s contact management system. As for reporting and analytics you can use the dashboards, reporting features, and conflict checking. For legal billing you can use an automatic expense and time tracker, batch billing, invoicing, generate accounts receivable reports and overall make your law firm more efficient and productive. With the calendar feature you can keep track of who in your office is busy and who is not. You can set reminders so you won’t ever miss a meeting. You can track tasks and update them as necessary. You can prioritize your tasks with the drag-and-drop feature. You can use Skype to make calls directly from RocketMatter® and use the built-in stopwatch to bill your clients. The mobile access feature means you can browse this information from any mobile device with a full browser. With RocketMatter® you can tag customized keywords to related documents and then conduct a global intelligent search to find those tags. You can generate invoices, track time, produce batch billing, and more all automatically. You can increase efficiency by running reports at any time related to your firms’ activities. This will help you see where time is not being best spent.

LexisNexis Firm Manager®

LexisNexis Firm Manager® let’s you look at the big picture when you view your appointments, matters, memos, tasks, deadlines, and more from one main screen. You can see all of the aforementioned with a mobile device which allows you to access client files on the go, share documents at the last minute, and enter billing when you aren’t in the office.

The calendar is combined with the todo section so you can highlight where everyone on your team needs to be and when. You can manage tasks based on priority and date so that you know how much time you need, when to delegate, and how to best keep track of the tasks you have assigned to others. You can reduce any conflicts. You can add documents with a drag-and-drop feature. You can also avoid lost billable hours by using the automated expense tracking.

Advologix™(Salesforce ®)

Advologix™(Salesforce ®)/NetDocuments® is an open software so you get to participate in an open community which consists of other compatible applicants. It is also mobile which means you can gain access to your information from any mobile device with a web browser while on the go. You can collaborate with confidence through the social portals and store all unstructured information in a manner that improves flow. This cloud platform helps your law firm maintain its calendar, to do list, and improve your billing.


All trademarks remain property of their respective holders, and are used only to directly describe the products being provided. Their use in no way indicates any relationship between SmartAdvocate® LLC and the holders of said trademarks.

Overall, while all of the available platforms allow you to manage your tasks and compile all case-related documents in a single location, SmartAdvocate® is the only one which:

  • Automatically logs all of your emails and calls

  • Copies documents from one case to another

  • Creates favorites

  • Automatically marks cases retained

  • Automatically generates rejection letters

  • Allows lien tracking

  • Automatically imports new case inquiries

  • Allows you to view all case changes and edits.