Best Legal Case Management Software: How to Find One?

Understanding How Legal Case Management Software Can Help Your Firm

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Legal Case Management Software FAQs

What is the best legal case management software?

SmartAdvocate is truly the best legal case management software on the market we are trusted by many small and large personal injury mass tort and litigation firms to make their practices more efficient and more profitable. There is a reason we have a retention rate of almost 100 with many clients tenured with us for as long as SmartAdvocate has been sold. We have been named best of the best by CIO review and the readers of Virginia Lawyers Weekly and for the past five years the voters in the New York law journal and the New Jersey law journal have chosen us to be number one in several categories including best legal case management software. There is simply no better choice than SmartAdvocate.

Is the SmartAdvocate legal case management software cloud-based or server-based?

Since SmartAdvocate is a fully browser-based system, law firms can actually choose between a cloud or a server-based version. The cloud-version can be a more cost-effective way to get Smart Advocate particularly for the smaller firms because there is no need to purchase and maintain expensive on-site servers. Some of our clients already have servers and it's just something that they prefer to do so we have that option as well. All critical data remains in-house with no third-party involvement at all. The client's I.T. is then in charge of keeping all the control over maintenance security. Both options server or cloud have the same access to SmartAdvocates so there is no difference to the system based on how the back end is run. The best part is, along with the smart advocate app, customers have access to this system from virtually anywhere.

What are the most common reasons why law firms need legal management software?

During our discovery calls that we have with our potential clients some of the common themes that we hear is. 'We need help keeping records in order and managing deadlines has become a total nightmare.' As a firm grows the ability to search all cases and contacts becomes harder and the need for a single point all communications becomes very important. Communications within a case between the client and the firm and the defense firms or plaintiff firms and the inability to handle intake and follow-up which is big in the mass tort arena. Document management is another area that comes up often. The need to have case information on the go and accessibility which has obviously been bigger as people have gone more remote since Covid19. Another common scenario is that they have other legal case management software already that's being used and it's become out of date, antiquated and they're just looking to update their systems to something a little more tech forward and state of the art. That is why our legal case management system is the best to cover all bases.

How much time can legal management software save me?

It is easy to underestimate the value of time saved because common tasks that can be automated don't usually take that long to accomplish manually. So people don't really think about the time that is taken up. Sending an email to a client about a court date might only seem like it takes a few seconds but then when you add in the time it takes to pull up contact info, go back, add it in, hit send etc, you think about all those little critical emails and those short emails that you might be sending out over the course of a day or even a year or during a case and it really starts to add up quickly.It's all those little time consuming events that SmartAdvocate has really worked on to save time so we can't really put a number behind it you. We have automated to really help our customers be able to save more time and like I already said, automating emails, text updates, reminders and the ability to get a client's e-signature on critical documents is a big time saver. We have auto calculation and calendaring of statute of limitations and other critical deadlines which saves time. Barcoding which I had also mentioned earlier ensures that all the scanned documents are automatically affix the right file. Then there's the automated follow-up on discovery and medical record requests which are both also very time consuming for a firm. Using our merge codes that we already have created to help generate those templates and automated dashboards and reports that can really just help a firm save time.