How many documents does your firm currently maintain? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Our technologists can link your existing pool of documents to the appropriate cases in SmartAdvocate®, dramatically reducing staff time and effort searching for and locating them.


    SmartAdvocate’s WorkPlans function as a checklist, which helps to ensure uniformity and streamline the operation of your firm. Together with the Automated Procedures feature, you can automate many of your routine processes. You can create these on your own, or you can provide us with your standard workflows and documents and we will create detailed WorkPlans and Automated Procedures for you, to help ensure maximum efficiency and that your processes and procedures are followed in every case.


    We currently have an Open API that can be used to create integrations with many different programs. We also offer more than 135 standard integrations, with more being added all the time, based on our clients’ needs. These include accounting, intake, chat, texting, e-signature, phone, court docket and reporting, medical record retrieval, lean negotiations and more. SmartAdvocate can also create custom integrations with third party applications, or assist third parties in creating their integrations with SmartAdvocate.


    Concerned about creating document templates that will work within SmartAdvocate®? We’ve got you covered. Our document experts can show you how to create your own templates from your existing letters, documents, or forms (in Word, Excel, or PDF formats). Or we can create them for you or convert your existing templates. Just provide us with your existing letters, documents, or forms and we will return templates that work seamlessly with the data you enter into SmartAdvocate®.


    A SmartAdvocate® Learning Management System (LMS) is available for your staff as a pre-training tool. The LMS was developed to familiarize your users with SmartAdvocate prior to their formal training. In addition, the SmartAdvocate LMS can provide firm-specific training videos and other materials, created and customized for use by your staff, on an on-going basis as an adjunct to the formal SmartAdvocate training.


    SmartAdvocate® includes a multitude of robust Dashboard and Reports, which provide critical information about almost every aspect of your firm and its caseload. Easily review your firm’s finances, staff performance, open medical records requests, upcoming statutes of limitations and critical deadlines, and much more. It’s all there. Should you require a specialized report, you can create a custom report using Case Browse, or our specialists can create one to your unique specifications.

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