Award Winning Case Management Software Designed by Practicing Attorneys

Simply put, SmartAdvocate is the most powerful case management software system you can get. Loaded with features, capabilities and reports that other case management software systems do not have, SmartAdvocate can reduce workflow, make employees more efficient and give you better control over your practice. Increased efficiency and improved productivity means greater profitability. It does all that because it was designed by a busy litigation firm that needed a system that could do all that.

On the market for years and in use by litigation firms throughout North America, SmartAdvocate Server is installed on your server. You are responsible for maintaining the hardware. Since the data is on your server, you control and maintain it. You decide how often to back up your data and where those backups will be stored. You also decide the type and extent of the data security protocols you will have in place.

You pay once for the licenses and your only ongoing costs are for annual support and maintenance, which includes our frequent product updates.

SmartAdvocate Server is browser-based, so you can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection. There is no third-party provider required and there is no fee to access the system from outside your office. Moreover, with our free iPhone/iPad app you can connect remotely from almost anywhere.

With SmartAdvocate Server, you access and edit your documents from within the program. There is no need to locate folders and files – the documents are accessed from directly within SmartAdvocate. A convenient plug-in lets you create or edit documents in Word or Excel formats and save them in SmartAdvocate, or vice versa. You can also generate documents as pdf files.

SmartAdvocate Server is a fully integrated platform that serves as the central nervous system of your firm. The built-in barcoding system syncs with your scanner to provide automatic document filing in the appropriate case file. You can integrate intake information from your phone system, call center, web chat and web contact forms. Integrations with third party providers, such as medical records retrieval, deposition transcripts, and calendaring are available. You can also send text messages directly from within the system. You can also send mass texts and e mails, all of which are stored and easily accessible in the case file.

SmartAdvocate Server offers you the most comprehensive case management system available anywhere. Once you see all that it can do, you’ll wonder how you practiced without it.



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