Our Legal document and law firm case management software has a wealth of features to help your firm run more efficiently, including:

SmartAdvocate® Features

Reports and Dashboards

 Reports and Dashboards

  • Dashboards can track statutes, filings, deadlines, statuses and much more.
  • Dashboards can manage your cases.  For example, we have dashboards to track client call backs,
    receipt of documents such as retainers, and to ensure that tasks are completed.
  • Dashboards can track New Case Performance such as where your cases are coming from (referrers, advertising, etc.) and how many intakes turn into retained cases.
  • Dashboards have filtering capability.  You can filter by date, case type, key words and more.
  • Reports created by our legal document management software are specially designed pre-formatted reports intended to help you manage your case files.  
  • Our Query system allows you to "create a report" if one you require is not included in the pre-formatted reports.


  • Office Calendar tracks and displays all in and out of court appointments.  It can also be exported to your Outlook calendar.
  • Office Calendar displays whether or not a calendar appointment has been adjourned,
    completed or is still open.
  • Office Calendar is searchable by date, staff member, appointment type and more.


  • Email your client, investigator, etc. directly from your case.   SmartAdvocate® legal document management software can also log all emails and calls relating to your cases.
  • Email case documents directly from your case to other staff members or anyone else.
  • Our law firm case management software creates care summary reports (a simple, pre-formatted SmartAdvocate® report) can be emailed directly from the case to firm investigators, attorneys, referrers, etc.
  • When new case documents are scanned to the SmartAdvocate® case file, these documents are automatically emailed to all assigned staff members assigned to the case.


  • Documents such as retainers, questionnaires, and authorizations can be bar-coded so they can be automatically attached to the case when scanned.
  • Document Generation & History - Our legal document management software can create and store all documents created in your case in the case document screen so you can easily view the case’s document history. .
  • Document templates are defined with “Merge Codes” that insert information from the case into the document.
  • Copying Documents from one case to another - You can easily copy a document from one case to another. This feature is particularly useful for re-using rather specific similar motions, opposition, notices of claim, etc. as “templates” for use in other cases.
  • Favorite documents - Users can set frequently used form documents as their favorites. 
    When generating a letter, they can select “favorites” and select from their most frequently used documents eliminating the need to search or scroll through the entire firm’s database of documents.
  • Mass Mailing - In addition to generating individual documents, SmartAdvocate® allows you to mass assemble documents based on specific needs.  For example, if you want to send an update letter to all of your Actos clients who have had a heart attack, SmartAdvocate® can locate these cases, and using a form, prepare a customized letter to each client.
  • SmartAdvocate® legal document management software also allows you to access all documents and emails that relate to a particular party or provider from the document screen or from that party or provider's screen in the case file (i.e., medical records requests from the medical provider screen, plaintiff letters from the plaintiff’s screen, etc.).
  • Envelopes can be associated with a document and generated automatically when document is generated.  When envelope is generated, postage cost can be automatically added to Case Disbursements.

 Workflow and Tasks

  • Our law firm case management software allows you to create tasks to bring your case through every stage quickly and efficiently.
  • Tasks can be added for yourself, your paralegal, your receptionist, etc. and tracked until completion.
  • Our legal document management software also provides task templates to allow you to define templates for common tasks and associate them with case groups and case statuses.
  • Tasks can be utilized for telephone messages.   Reception (or any user) can add a telephone message directly from the case as a task for the case attorney and/or paralegal.
  • Workflow subsystems allow you to create custom workflows that are tailored to your work process. For example, a medical invoices workflow can be utilized to define how those medical records invoices are approved in your firm and an intake case opening workflow can be utilized to get your case from the initial call to a signed retainer.
Search and Navigation

 Search and Navigation

  • Beyond being a top of the line legal document management software, SmartAdvocate also has leading law firm case management capabilities, including advanced case browse (search) capabilities that include the ability to easily search your case inventory by case type, subtype, state, status, staff, value, referral source and more. Our law firm case management software can also search your inventory by key case dates such as open, retained, closed, settled, etc.
  • Text search allows you to find cases based on key words present in case notes, incident facts or plaintiff injuries.
  • All recently viewed cases as easily accessible with one click.
  • One click access to frequently used items including add a note, email case summary, add a task and more is available utilizing the tool bar located on the top of all case screens.
  • Shortcuts to add notes, tasks, generate case reports and file are quickly and easily available on the navigation bar.  


  • Cases can be automatically marked retained when the retainer agreement is scanned into the case file in SmartAdvocate®.
  • SmartAdvocate® can automatically assign pre-defined personnel (attorneys, paralegals, etc.) to retained cases.
  • When a case is rejected, SmartAdvocate® can automatically generate an appropriate reject letter based on the reject reason selected.
New Case Creation

 New Case Creation

  • SmartAdvocate® has dedicated Case Intake Screens for the most common case types (auto accidents, trip and fall claims, medical malpractice and more).
  • Case Wizards - create case wizards for the intake of new cases.  This is particularly helpful in mass tort intakes as new projects can quickly become “hot”.
  • SmartAdvocate®’s Project Details database supplies information about various case types your firm is handling making it much easier for your intake department to answer questions on the fly.
  • Our law firm case management software’s Intake Review Screen allows an attorney or supervisor to review decisions made by intake staff regarding accepting or rejecting a potential case and to approve or revert the decision.
  • New cases that are imported from your website or outside services to SmartAdvocate® can be automatically assigned to intake staff for processing.  Intake unit supervisor can also bulk assign cases imported during non-working ours.  
Specialized Screens

 Specialized Screens

  • Case Summary Screen provides a snapshot of the case on one easy to read screen.
  • Never lose track of your day with our legal document management software. Fully customizable “Today Screen” contains all necessary information about user’s tasks, cases, upcoming appointments, documents, and more.
  • SmartAdvocate® allows the creation of as many statutes of limitations as necessary in your case.  
    For example, if you have a client who was involved in a three car accident with a Federal Express truck and a NYC Sanitation truck, who is seriously injured in the accident and dies three months later, you have numerous statutes to keep track of.  SmartAdvocate® can easily track each of these statutes in the same case file
  • SmartAdvocate® displays a Critical Comments screen, if populated, upon opening of the case, with important information that users need to know.  For example, “Client is in a coma, communicate with son who has power of attorney.”
  • Lien Tracking – SmartAdvocate® has a dedicated screen to track all liens
  • Referred Out Cases Tracking – SmartAdvocate® has the ability to track receipt of written co-counsel agreements.
  • Settlement Screen can calculate settlement distributions including chargeable disbursements, attorney’s fees, including referral fees, liens and client’s net proceeds.


  • Let our legal document management software track your client’s injuries by adding injuries from pre-set injury lists.
  • Quick Injuries - track client injuries by using pre-set quick injuries that relate to case types.  
    For example, the case type Actos has a pre-set heart attack quick injury
  • Injury Screen – “on the fly” select users can update, edit, and delete injuries to tailor the injury pick list to your firm’s needs.
  • Our law firm case management software easily tracks medical records requests from your attorney instructing your paralegal to request the medical records to your paralegal sending out the medical record request to receipt of the medical records.
  • Medical Records Request Dashboard monitors your overdue and outstanding medical records requests.
  • Medical records scanned to a case file will automatically populate the records received field for that particular medical care provider.
  • Next Visit Dashboard – SmartAdvocate® has a dashboard to track your client’s next visit to their health care provider so you can contact your client to discuss this medical treatment.
  • Serious Injury Dashboard – SmartAdvocate® has a dashboard to track your cases with serious injuries.


  • Web Cases Importer - SmartAdvocate® has the capability to automatically import new case inquiries and related data through your website.
  • SmartAdvocate® is integrated with SendSuite, making it a breeze to generate envelopes for certified, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, etc.
  • SmartAdvocate® is integrated with QuickBooks, so any expenses entered in QuickBooks will appear on Case Disbursements screen in SmartAdvocate®.
Contacts Management

 Contacts Management

  • Contact Cards - SmartAdvocate®'s contact cards have conflict search capability and the ability to associate related contacts with each other. For example, you can associate an attorney with the law firm where the attorney works
  • Our law firm case management software tracks all contacts roles in all cases in which the contact appears.  
    For example, you can determine that a particular contact was a client in four different cases
  • Photographs, resumes and more can be associated with a contact.


  • User Defined Fields (UDFs) - Create your own user defined fields for specific case types.
  • UDFs can be associated with the case, plaintiff, defendant, expert or court.
  • Case statuses are fully customizable (you can define as many as you need) and can be grouped into case stages (Pre-sign, Pre-litigation, Litigation, etc.).


  • Smart Advocate’s Transaction Log allows you to view all case changes, edits and updates
  • Place your mouse over flagged fields for easy access to additional information.
  • SmartAdvocate® can display and manage multiple relationships.  For example, multiple plaintiffs, with multiple defendants, with multiple defense attorneys, with multiple insurance companies are easily entered and tracked.
  • SmartAdvocate® can track effectiveness of your advertisement campaigns. It provides cost per call and cost per retainer for all your advertisement campaigns.
  • Timeline – provides a chronological timeline of events that have taken place in the case
  • Time Tracking – SmartAdvocate® has a simple button which allows you to time track work performed on any case

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