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Norma Fuentes

Director of Client Services, Gacovino Lake

"With all the CRM programs out there, what makes SmartAdvocate so special? Well, I would say that it is because of all their customizable capabilities and features. They provide you with a program that has all the tools that you need to customize it to your needs. Every firm is different and therefore their needs are different."

"For instance, our firm needed a program that was able to manage leads and automate the handling of these potential clients. We handle thousands of leads per month and spend a fortune of money so managements of these leads is essential. Our goal was to automate our system as much as we could to create uniformity and control. Before SmartAdvocate, we were using multiple programs and spreadsheets. We were depending on staff members to do what needed to be done giving them choices and therefore making it harder to control. SmartAdvocate’s plugin and integration capabilities were huge. It allowed us to integrate with our program, Persist and therefore automating our intake department almost completely."

"I have been able to customize so much in the three years that we have been using SmartAdvocate. I have been able to do so because they are a phone call away. I am able to make a call, tell them what I need to accomplish and they make it happen."

Jeffrey A. Mitchell

Managing Partner, The Cochran Firm - New Orleans

"I spent many months researching case management software after spending several years with a very expensive and bad program. Ultimately, I decided on Smart Advocate. In the two years that we have had it, we have been extremely satisfied with the software. Moreover, the support that SA provides is also unmatched in the industry. It is the only company that really listens to its customers to make its product better every day. They have incorporated several of our suggestions into the latest versions. And they are constantly updating and adding features with their 10 full time programmers. They have interfaced very well with other programs I use even writing a specific program to convert intakes from a different software. Our firm has been so pleased that several of our regional offices are now happily onboard with Smart Advocate. We look forward to a long relationship with this great group."

Michael P. McCready

McCready, Garcia and Leet, P.C.

"You guys are the best. I can’t begin to tell you how terrific your program is. I love to show my colleagues how I now manage my cases. Unbelievable. I am working with a law office consultant who has been blown away by the functionality of the program. She is recommending it to all her law firm clients. I am loving SmartAdvocate and I have customized it substantially to suit our needs. Great work. I’ve recommended it to several colleagues. A product I can believe in. Thanks again."

Eric Paris

The Paris Firm

"It has been a first class experience working with Smart Advocate. I am a very satisfied customer! I love the ease of use of the program. I love the case wizard which allows my staff to quickly set up a new matter in the program. I love the customization of the program to make it work for my particular practice and my jurisdiction. I love the document management capability of the program and the extension merge codes that make template generation and the preparation of form documents smooth and seamless. The report capabilities are tremendous to bring up the information to review all stages of a matter. The custom user defined fields allow the firm to be able to capture any particular piece of information that we feel is vital to the management of our cases for our clients. I have tried numerous case management programs for my firm over the last 25 years. There is none in my opinion that comes close to Smart Advocate."

Tyson Navarre


"Tons of features, simple setup, great support. When we have questions they are always answered swiftly and professionally."

Damon Pendleton

Managing Partner, Christina Pendleton & Associates - Richmond, VA

“The robust reporting functions and the dashboards that are built into this software are valuable tools that are worth the price of admission. Without a way to systematically pull all of this information electronically it would take a lot of people-hours and you would constantly be behind the 8-ball trying to compile it. With SmartAdvocate all the information is right there at your fingertips. All you have to do is ask for it.”


Brian Dunn

Chief Operating Officer, Commonwealth Law Group

“Smart Advocate give you a competitive advantage over the other personal injury law firms in your market. Just the reporting alone is worth 10 times the price!!”


Bradley Dworkin, Esq.

Owner of The Law Offices of Dworkin and Maciariello

“I am very happy how your company addresses my firm’s needs. As I tell everyone [my old case management system] was a Toyota Camry. SmartAdvocate is a Ferrari!”


Seth Milbauer, Esq.

Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP - New York, NY

"The conversion was much smoother than from Saga Dos to Windows"


Robert J. Greenstein

Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP - New York, NY

"Just wanted to take a moment to say so far, so good. You both have been incredibly responsive and we appreciate it!"


Stuart L. Finz

Finz & Finz, P.C. - New York, NY

"When you bare the enormous responsibility of managing a dynamic law firm, it is essential that you employ the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art, efficient, creative, and intuitive case management software on the market.  For decades, I have searched for the highest-level software available, but have found significant negative aspects with each. On a positive note, several years ago, I was introduced to SmartAdvocate. Finally, and to my great satisfaction, I found a case management system that fulfilled all of my expectations, and beyond.  Smart Advocate is a platform that is easy to use, dramatically increases productivity, tracks daily staff production and critical deadlines, proficiently generates documents, is continually updated implementing new and creative features, and much, much more. Without reservation whatsoever, I highly recommend SmartAdvocate."


Sean Kelly

Senior Partner at Gruenberg Kelly Della. - Ronkonkoma, NY

"For 15 years I put up with Saga’s frustrating bugs and deficiencies. After months of evaluation, I chose SmartAdvocate®. SmartAdvocate® is the only modern case management system I could find that was designed by personal injury attorneys and will continue to change and grow with the times."

"SmartAdvocate® has features that have changed the way we manage our cases and law firm, request and track medical records, track schedules and clients, and work in and out of the office."

"SmartAdvocate® dashboards are the most unique feature of the entire system. Conversion from my old system to SmartAdvocate® was a breeze. Customer service is second to none."


Philip L. Franckel, Esq.

1-800-HURT-911® - Roslyn, NY

"SmartAdvocate, the most powerful personal injury software available constantly gets more powerful, yet it's most powerful feature is that it's simple and quick to learn how to use by the technology challenged user, new users and users coming from other software. My partner who is computer challenged instantly took to it and is still amazed at how easy it is to use."

"There are so many favorite features but my most favored is the unmatched template document system which lets me easily insert merge codes into a template document in just 1-2 minutes and save the template document in 10 seconds. It even works with PDF forms. The template document system allows us to run a busy personal injury practice with just two lawyers without any secretaries or paralegals. For larger firms with secretaries and paralegals, using the SmartAdvocate template document system will allow your employees to multiply their caseload many times. Because it's so quick and easy to create template documents, this one feature can be used by every law firm to cut overhead and increase revenue with larger caseloads."

"SmartAdvocate moves cases faster with less work, does everything, tracks everything and is easy to use even by the technology challenged."


Jessica M. Rurey

Paralegal at Stanley Law - Syracuse, NY

"After an exhaustive search, our office chose SmartAdvocate® for our case management needs. It is a program designed by attorneys, specifically for personal injury litigation practices."

"It met our specific needs like no other program available."


Tanya Stevens

Buckley & Associates

"It's a great program. It is very user friendly and give a lot of options. The reports are great for keeping track of cases and their statuses. Note section is really awesome because we can pretty much note anything that is important for the case. We are really happy with this program! We have not had any huge issues with anything. It is easy to learn."



  • Simply the best database for personal injury litigation – bar none!!

  • SmartAdvocate® screens are crisp, clear and easy to read. Click anywhere on screen for an immediate link to detailed information in that area.

  • Shortcuts to specific areas of the case file are quickly available on the navigation bar. Use your mouse to hover over fields for easy access to additional information.

  • Able to handle and display the multiple relationships that we have in our cases. For example, multiple plaintiffs, each with multiple defendants, each with multiple defense attorneys (ie: primary, excess and personal) each with multiple insurance companies (ie: primary and excess) each with multiple adjusters (ie: regular and supervisor).

  • The ability to automatically forward cover letters and copies of documents to clients either by e-mail or snail mail as the documents are received.

  • SmartAdvocate® gives access to all other matters that a Contact has had with your office at the click of a button with details about all of the cases.

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