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With SmartAdvocate®, you’ll be wearing belts and suspenders.

Published on Thursday, April 9, 2020

With SmartAdvocate®, you’ll be wearing belts and suspenders.

With SmartAdvocate® You’ll Have Covid-19-Ready Practice Management Software at Your Fingertips or Your Office, Home, Tablet & Smartphone.

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  DON'T YOU WISH  you had insisted on upgrading your belts and suspenders.  Your IT people thought they had shored up your firm’s critical data infrastructure. Was it enough?  With SmartAdvocate, your entire practice can be at your fingertips. Covid-19 is clearly upending current disaster planning. SmartAdvocate’s powerful case management software can make the difference in the middle of this fight. For a demo, call 1-877-GET-SMART (1-877-438-7627) or click here to schedule your 90 minute on-line demo.

Give us just 90 minutes. We’ll demonstrate SmartAdvocate remotely on your computer at your home. You’ll receive an Amazon gift card as our thanks for your valuable time. For a demo, Call 1-877-GET-SMART (1-877-438-7627) or click here to schedule your 90 minute on-line demo.
SmartAdvocate understands law firms like yours. 

This system was engineered and designed by national, high-powered lawyers for their own offices. It’s proven to work for them. It will work for you, too. SmartAdvocate wins awards year-after-year. In the past, we've delivered over 1,000 improvements every year -- most at the request of our clients -- ensuring users that their SmartAdvocate software will never be outdated.

SmartAdvocate makes sense for firms of any size.

Managing cases takes the same horsepower whether you’re small or big. Smart Advocate has options and plans for firms of every size. 

SmartAdvocate can move quickly in these difficult Covid-19 days. 

SmartAdvocate can migrate your current data to your server or the cloud. It’s your choice where your data is securely stored. You won’t lose the effort you’ve already invested in your current case management software. Your data will be safe from global hackers.

SmartAdvocate fully trains your attorneys and staff. 

They’ll all rapidly be more efficient and productive, and highly confident of their new skills. They’ll quickly be creating, managing, and completing every document, task, appointment, and detail of every case in your office, as well as sending and managing emails, phone messages, and text messages.

SmartAdvocate has robust built-in dashboards and reporting features.

SmartAdvocate provides firm management with robust, built-in dashboards and comprehensive reports about the firm’s that will help you manage both your current cases and your new cases – down to the details of where your cases are coming from.  Additionally, your firm’s management can view all staff performance, overdue tasks, impending deadlines, fees earned and much more! SmartAdvocate gives you the real time information and advantages you need to be more profitable, efficient, and productive. Even after Covid-19 is behind us.

Request a demonstration by calling now or scheduling an appointment online today. SmartAdvocate is Covid-19-Ready and the most powerful, fully integrated, work-from-anywhere, any device, award winning case management system available today. For a demo, call 1-877-GET-SMART (1-877-438-7627) or click here to schedule your 90 minute on-line demo.


  Covid-19-Ready for your Law Practice  

Practice Management Software at Your Fingertips for Your Office, Home, Tablet & Smartphone

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Email: salesteam@smartadvocate.com  | Visit: www.smartadvocate.com

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