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Establish Follow-Up Protocols

Creating a streamlined process for you and your potential clients

Establish Follow-Up Protocols
While the past year has brought on many changes within the legal industry, the expectation for great client services has remained a constant. Whether you are a solo practice or have a whole team of intake specialists conducting follow ups, the communication you send out to potential clients is critical. It is a factor as to whether they will sign on, refer you to others, and remember you again if they need a lawyer in the future.

Every Firm is Different

That’s why you need a legal case management system that is truly customizable

Every Firm is Different

As technology has evolved in recent years, the concept of “being customizable” is no longer a special feature, but more of an expectation. We are accustomed to the option of customizing the appearance of our smartphone, right down to the widget, and being shown personalized recommendations when we open our favorite streaming platform.

With this higher expectation for all facets of our technology to be “customizable” from what we like, to how we like it, and what we need, a new standard has been established.

When it comes to your legal case management software, it has also become common practice for systems to have customizable capabilities. But how customizable are they really?

SmartAdvocate Featured as High Performer of the Legal Case Management Software Industry in G2’s Spring 2021 Market Report

SmartAdvocate Featured as High Performer of the Legal Case Management Software Industry in G2’s Spring 2021 Market Report

SmartAdvocate is proud to be named on the G2 Spring 2021 Market Report as a High Performer of the Legal Case Management Software industry. G2 calculates the various unbiased reviews and feedback from current users with their custom algorithm to determine industry leaders based on customer satisfaction and market presence.

LegalTech Publishing


LegalTech Publishing

SmartAdvocate, the award-winning legal case management software has been highlighted in the 2021 Practice Management Buyers Guide published by LegalTech Publishing in partnership with Above the Law. Legal Tech Publishing is well known and highly regarded within the industry for its case studies, whitepapers, educational webinars, and publications.


A Forever Changed Work Environment

How SmartAdvocate and its remote capabilities will carry us out of the pandemic.

A Forever Changed Work Environment

Case Management Software (CMS) are systems that  focus on the everyday storing and managing of virtually all client data in a centralized location.  This data includes items such as case contact information (from not just clients, but also experts, opposing counsel, and adjusters as an example),  case notes, case documents, calendars, emails, and disbursements to name a few.  Also, a CMS allows for firms to run reporting and automation (or should) of the overall system and case files.


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