SmartAdvocate Connect 2023: Annual User Conference Will Debut Training Boot Camp

SmartAdvocate will debut its training “Boot Camp” at their annual user conference: SmartAdvocate Connect 2023, October 25 – 27th at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, Orlando, Florida. Boot Camp attendees will spend their first day with the SmartAdvocate Training Team, and learn how to master some of the most crucial features for a successful law practice. Topics will include managing intake, workplans, reports, communication automation, and more. After completing Boot Camp, the attendees will enjoy the 2-day conference featuring keynote presentations with industry-leading specialists, group panels and plenty of opportunities to gain new insights and new ideas, as they continue to learn about “everything SmartAdvocate.” The main conference begins with a Welcome Reception, where new SmartAdvocate users can mix and mingle with SmartAdvocate staff and meet tenured clients of the award-winning software that are considered “Super Users”. The conference also includes an exciting Event Night at Epcot, included with the ticket price at no additional charge. Register today.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Case Management Software? 8 Clear Signs to Look For

1. You are worried that some of your cases are in “limbo” and nobody has looked at them in months or even years. A good case management system will have reports and dashboards that will let you quickly see what’s going on, or not going on, in your firm. Generating a list of cases that have been sitting too long without updates or a change in the status should not be a complicated task. It is important to be able to quickly identify staff members who have not been in contact with clients in the prescribed period that is set by the law firm, and identify what cases have been neglected – in what specific areas and for how long. More advanced applications on the market will even let you subscribe to reports and receive them via email on a schedule that you set. In today’s technology-advanced landscape, you should not need to worry about lost cases, missed SOLs, or clients who are angry due to a lack of communication….

Revolutionizing Case Management with AI Technology

SmartAdvocate is continuously striving to push the boundaries of technological advancements in the legal field. Our commitment to innovation has led us to forge strategic partnerships with leading AI providers, allowing us to integrate cutting-edge tools and features into our platform. These advancements will revolutionize the way legal firms operate, enhancing case management with unprecedented efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. Currently, we are in discussions with prominent AI providers specializing in Medical Records Analysis & Recaps, Demand Productions, and Document Categorization. These collaborations are set to unlock exciting possibilities, enabling streamlined processes, data-driven decisions, and optimized workflows. The potential benefits are immense! In our latest software release, we welcomed a new integration partner: EvenUp, a state-of-the-art generative AI technology software. EvenUp empowers legal professionals by transforming medical documents and case files into AI-driven demand packages tailored for personal injury lawyers. By harnessing advanced AI technology, our clients can truly transform their practice. One of the significant advantages of incorporating AI into your legal operations is cost reduction. SmartAdvocate’s integration with EvenUp…